Monday, February 13

Valentines Day

Carrot muffins cooling, ready for pink cream cheese frosting in the morning and be eaten with pink smoothies. Valentines are made, the kids and mine, stuffed into a tissue box mailbox Ella covered in red tissue paper. I enjoyed the chance to take out the watercolors and new pens tonight and doodle with hearts and brush on shades of red. A white lace trimmed runner is spread on the table and three red candles are ready to be lit under the white glitter paper decorations hanging from the ceiling farn lights. Ordinary brown paper bags were prettied up with more paints and hearts and filled with a few bite-size chocolate bars. They sit there too, just waiting to be discovered come morning.

I do love Valentines Day.


Anonymous said...

OK we must have the carrot muffin recipe as it sounds delightful. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, always a pleasant ending to my day to read one of your beautiful posts.


Sarah said...

What fun for your family! Thank you for posting this - you put it up at just the right time. We had no Valentines plans of any kind since my husband is on call at the hospital this week, and I was up late finishing a work project. Just before signing off and heading up to bed late at night I checked my google reader and saw this post. It only took an extra half hour to create something a little extra and my husband was so excited and surprised to wake up to a special table and a special breakfast just for him. Thanks for reminding me that it's easy to do a little something extra, even on late tired nights :).