Monday, February 27


"Han, can you take a minute so I can show you what I've been working on for you?" he asked and I set down the dust pan and slid beside him on the sofa, cuddling up and taking a look at what he was holding.

For the next while, Sean walked me through different aspects of the business he owns and runs. Account information and passwords, insurance companies, life insurance policies, on and on - it was all there.

While I'm in charge of most of the spending in our home, Sean handles the bills and accounts and business taxes and all that good stuff because that is his gifting, not mine. I know sums and what account is for what and who our accountant is but that is the extent if things.

Sean had written out his wishes for us if he were ever to pass away. What to do about such-and-such, who to contact, how to close out the business, what to do about machinery and vehicles, how he would wish us to proceed spiritually, the education of our children. Oh, I was a blubbering mess just listening, but how I love Sean for it. Sean has made sure we would be well provided for and with six children I am sure you can imagine the peace of mind this gifts. I know I could go back mainstream into a career, or run the business, put the kids in school - knowing I wouldn't have to is wonderful.

If you are a husband reading this, please do this for your family, especially if you are the main bread-winner. I am sure your family will appreciate it.

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Blondee said...

Just reading this brought me to tears. You have been so richly blessed with the gift of Sean in this life. May you never actually need to worry about all of these things and that you are only parted by death in the sunset of your lives after many a great grandbaby has known and loved you both.