Monday, February 6



I picked up a 1905 edition of this little book for $2 and it is the best nature study book I've seen.


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How about you - reading anything wonderful lately?


Bonnie said...

You can publish this or not, but a heads up on the Rhythm of Family from one Bible believing Christian to another- I've read one of her other books and it is very New Age. And it was just a craft book.
She does (or did at one time) a lot of Waldorf type stuff, which based on quite a bit of research I've done, is rooted in anthroposophy- a cult begun by Rudolf Steiner. (His whole Waldorf teaching system and Waldorf style play revolves around it, openly and subtly.)
Anyway, not trying to open any cans of worms, just wanted to let you know!

The Kirkland Family said...

I am reading The Connected Child as well as Home Cheese Making and The Family Cow!! Love your blog, has been a huge inspiration to our family! We used your site to process our chickens and Sunday we are going to pick out our 2 pigs to butcher in the fall! And in June our Dexter cow Caroline will be joining our family!

Me said...

Oooh, new books to look for! I've read the cheesemaking one and we've made lots of ricotta and a few so-so wheels of cheddar. We get so excited to taste it, we break into it too early... Can't wait for a cow someday!

Becky said...

Kirkland Family, our small group for adoptive/foster parents is about to launch into the study of The Connected Child - I've heard nothing but good things about that book.
Hannah, I recently purchased The Rhythm of Family and the photos alone are inspiring. I'd also recommend Amanda Soule's blog and her other two books.
Can't wait to go through the huge stack of knitting and sewing books I just brought home from the library... :)

Me said...

Bonnie, thanks for the comment and I decided to put it up because of the concerns you shared. I did read her previous book and enjoyed the craftiness. I don't subscribe to the teachings of Steiner and agree that some of them are quite bizarre and counter Christian, but I appreciate a lot of the Waldorf *things*, like simple, well made toys, purposeful time spent with my children, and a slower, more mindful life - which for us revolves around our love of Jesus. :)
ChinaMama, I love seeing what new things Amanda Soule is knitting and crafting and sewing. Much inspiration there!Do share if any of that stack of knitting books are a hit!

Becky said...

Hannah, I was wondering about your thoughts regarding Waldorf, since you are reading Rhythm of the Family. Like you, I take what works and leave the rest. I agree that there are many "elements" of Waldorf to appreciate: the emphasis on simple living, handcrafting, home and family, art and nature. I think that as long as we look at anything offered to us, Waldorf or otherwise, with Biblical discernment, we can make good choices.

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

I am reading the "rhythm of family" right now, and I like the book. I am a Bible believing Christian also, but I have read nothing that I recall that is very New Age, or counter Christian. Maybe because I wasn't looking for it? But nothing stood out. It goes month by month, talking about how they spend time together as a family, and has some recipes and crafts in it, alot of hand-made things she makes with the kids. There is an emphasis on nature, and how they live their life with the seasons...planting, harvesting, canning, slowing down, etc.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...

just wanted to say i have since finished reading the book...other than a very very small bit at the very end on yoga/meditation/celebrating the solstice (which i know to many is new age)..the book I thought was great, and took away many ideas to use with my children.