Friday, February 10

I've been considering, over the past few days, how to write about my grandfather, my Pop-Pop, who passed away recently. I cannot come up with any fancy things to say about him but I will share a little of why he was so special to me.
My Pop-Pop gave me my love of history and of writing. He always encouraged my writing, from the notebook filled with short stories when I was very young to my latest idea to write about building a functional family. He was the family historian, an avid reader, and loved American history and study of native peoples of North America. When little girls were receiving dolls and girlish toys for their single digit birthdays, I would always receive a book, often an old-and-smelling-delightfully-so book from Pop-Pop about an native boy and his horse, or a book about a settler taken captive who made their life with the native population, or legends of the Cherokee tribe, whose blood, my Pop-Pop proudly said, flowed somewhere through our veins.
I have boxes of letters from Pop-Pop written all through my growing up years and family letters that he wrote into his late eighties. I know they are just *things* but I hold on to them for my kiddos. I once told Pop-Pop that there was nothing quite so good as receiving a letter in the mail from him, tucking it into my shirt or jacket and saving it to carefully open and read in a safe, quiet place away from the craziness of growing up life.
Pop-Pop always called me "Darling" in his Flushing/Catskill/Southern accent and told me I was his second favorite girl in the whole world - Grandma of course, being his first favorite.
I know their marriage had plenty of hard times: years spent in a TB hospital for my Pop-Pop where western books, card games, the radio and the occasional visits my Grandma could make were the only distractions from being ill, miscarriage, tight finances raising three boys on a small teacher's salary, the death of my uncle, much sickness at the end of their marriage... I love that they made it through it all, that they drew close to God through it all. I am so proud of both of them.
And, I may be biased, but I think my Pop-Pop has the most interesting obituary I've ever read:


Joy said...

So sorry about the loss of your grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful man.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I am sorry you lost such a loving grandfather.

His obit was very interesting...reflective of his interests.

I am thankful for you that you had him for so long!


Blondee said...

Oh, Hannah-

That obit is an incredible tribute to a well lived life and the incredible man who live it. I have never seen one like that, either.

I noticed he lost his son and wife both on the same day, years apart. How ironic that Mother and child would go to Glory both on the same day, only divided by time.

It sounds like you were a special treasure to him, as he was to you.

I also found your Great-Great Grandfather's name very neat, did he really go by Speer? Love it!

Me said...

Thank you, Joy.

Me said...

Deanna, I am so thankful for his long life! God blessed me so much through my grandfather!

Me said...

Blondee, yes that was bizarre, my grandmother and uncle dying on the same day. I can just imagine him, standing there laughing, welcoming her home. My GG did go by Speer. Cool name, huh? Our Andrew was named by my Pop-Pop, as they share a birthday and it seemed fitting. Andrew thought it would have been cool to be named Speer. :) Anyway, Pop-Pop chose the name Andrew after the family name and it fits. :)

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing your memories about your Pop-Pop. Hugs to you sweetness and love.