Tuesday, January 31

What I wore


This is what I have on today. Vintage-y looking fabric from JoAnn's and the dress pattern is loosely based on the Swing Dress pattern from Sense and Sensibility patterns. I modified the sleeves, widened the top bodice pieces to make them more substantial, and swapped out the skirt pattern pieces with a skirt pattern from a separate early 40's pattern. This dress cost about $15 to make.
Vintage leather 70's boots were thrifted a few years ago for about $3 and inside those I have cozy gray knee socks on. Accessories are earrings Sean gave me for Christmas, wedding band, vintage diamond ring Sean gave me (out of the blue, no particular occasion - heart melt!) last year, lace scarf (gift) hiding my slept in braided messy hair this morning and a skinny red belt, also thrifted.
We're headed to the library in just a few minutes and maybe a quick run to Goodwill a few towns away, which I haven't been to in a year or so. Depends on how well the library trip goes. :)
I hope your day is bright and beautiful!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Very nice, I think it is nice to avoid the frumpy look as well, both for myself and my husband!


Unknown said...

Yeah that's cute!!! Dresses in winter....I don't own a real dress just long shirts that are sold as dresses..Oh well.....I need to get me one

Anna said...

You really are such an inspiration to me, especially as I am struggling to learn how to become motivated to get out of my pajamas on a daily basis. As a new work-at-home mama, I'm making small strides. Thank you for sharing these small, daily life details. It may not seem like much, but it pushes me to view my days differently. I am reminded afresh that "She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple," Pro 31:22. Blessings! - Anna

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Super cute! I'm so in awe of your ability to just modify patterns like you do. Gifted for sure! Hope the library run was a success...

Momma Bug said...

I LOVE it!
Wanna make one for me? :-D

It's been years since I've worn a dress. I've lived in skirts through the last ten years of pregnancy and nursing babies, and being almost ready to wean my latest edition I'm looking at dresses with a longing eye wondering if I'll ever get to wear them before the age of 60.
If not, I'll have to keep track of all my favorite dresses to dress a grandma in!

Mary Ann said...

Love that dress!

Paula said...

Love it! Really cute fabric, sure wish I could sew a little better.

Unknown said...

You look beautiful, Hannah! I so admire those of you who can sew lovely things to wear and adjust them to suit your own style. A useful gift indeed!

Me said...

Hi Mrs. Rabe, glad to hear of women everywhere shaking off the frump!
Sarah, I'll sew you a dress anytime.
Hi Anna, small steps, baby steps is the way to go. :) I always feel much better, with a more positive outlook when I'm dressed nicely for the day, even if there isn't much going on and no one but the kids and Sean are going to see me.
Michelle, the library was good, thanks for the well wishes! Teh modifying patterns thing comes a while after sewing and reading a ridiculous amount of sewing books and seeing something I want that's store made but out of my price range and thinking, "oh, I bet I could fiddle and make that!"
MommaBug, I know exactly how you feel. I've been living in non-dresses for forever too. The ones I've been making are good for breastfeeding but if I were pregnant again they'd have to go into the attic for a long while till I have a waist again. I've just been so tired of elastic/stretchy waistedness that it's been a joy to make more fitted clothing for once. :)
Thanks, Maryanne! I like how it turned out too.
Paula, keep sewing! It gets easier and easier the more you do it. Promise.
Thanks, Julie. It is handy, for sure. Do you sew?