Saturday, January 28

What I wore


Eyeglasses from zenni optical - $12

Thrifted cotton scarf - $1 Scarves are a wonderful and favorite accessory of mine to wear when I know I'll have to nurse a babe in public. Much more discrete than pulling out one of those apron things and hanging it around my neck

Purple cotton tunic, thrifted - $2

Adriano Goldschmied jeans, thrifted - $2 I'm naive. I had been looking for a pair of jeans to wear under tunics/short dresses and picked these up. They are wicked comfy because they have a thin maternity elastic band at the waist. No, I'm not expecting...When I googled the tag several months later I had sticker shock. $198! I prefer two bucks.

wedding band

sterling silver hoop earrings - $3 garage sale find

Italian black leather riding boots - $60 ebay. I nearly choked buying these but was slightly comforted when I saw Nordstrom carries them for $325.

This outfit explained sorting and reducing mixed numbers, danced to pandora with a fussy teether, went to the library, read C.S. Lewis, cooked meals, nursed the babe, amused toddlers, swept an ungodly amount of kid litter off the floor, did mega laundry... I mentioned to Sean this morning, as I stared down in wonder at a dirt pile containing crayons, dust, actual dirt and a lot of it, a fork, knex, canning jar lid, various papers, a few socks none of which matched, thread, yarn... that perhaps I should blog the piles I sweep up. I don't think most people could comprehend the possible size of swept piles in our house. And this is with daily sweeping! (You better believe I swept out the dust bunnies from underneath that chair up above before I let the camera click!)


Bessie M. said...

Don't you just love thrift stores? :)

That is a fantastic tunic. Whole outfit is lovely. :)

Blondee said...

Super finds!!!

P.S. You looks like a stunning college-aged girl who found a stolen moment in a quiet corner to read. Not at all like a Momma to many! :)

Unknown said...

I can so relate to your dust pile... right down to the canning rings. Every day.

Pamie G. said...

You are a lovely person, inside and out....thanks for sharing your life with the world!

~Kristin~ said...

I just have to say....
You have a fantastic eye for thrifting!
I have no idea about name brands and such...but clearly, I am under using the ability to shop on e-bay!
Love these!
Come help me find some fun-thrifty-cute finds!

Anna said...

I am a big fan of thrift stores too. Your outfit looks lovely! I am sure you will get your $60 worth out of those boots. I have some similar and they go with so many things and wear quite well! fun posts. thanks.

Jessica said...

I sweep up a bizarre amount of mismatched socks. I thought I was the only one. Good to know.kaized

Me said...

Yes! Love thrift stores, Bessie! And I LOVE your name too!

Haha, Blondee - best compliment I've been paid in a loong while. :)

Quinn, glad to hear I have company in the dusty jar ring department. Made me smile.

Pamie, you're too nice. ;)

Kristin, if only we could go on a big thrifting adventure together!

Anna, I don't regret the boot purchase at all - you're right they are cozy and I wear them a LOT.

Jessica, the socks will be the ruin of me.... Can't we all just go barefoot?