Saturday, January 28

What I wore

Why? Because...
A) dressing for even the most ordinary of days should be fun and
B)I receive quite a few questions as to the how and why of what we wear, and
C) I get to pretend to model and look as completely awkward as I feel. :)


Thrifted vintage wool skirt - $2
Thrifted vintage cream sweater - $2
Orange tights from TJMaxx - $3
Born brown leather shoes - (I think) ebay for $15
Jewels - tungsten wedding band and earrings made by me


This outfit did kitchen scrubbing, homeschooling, thrift store perusing and grocery shopping with my fabulous six-pack of kiddos, nose wiping, nursing the wee one, curry making for dinner... The temperature outside was 2 degrees and snowy in the morning and warmed up to 23 degrees in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I like it! I love skirts with tights. And thrifting is such fun. At the Goodwill I go to all adult clothes are $3.50 a piece so you got a good deal. :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for this, dear! I was just thinking about clothes this morning and my preference for flowy skirts (not legalistically, I just love them!) and how sometimes I feel a bit out of place if I choose to wear something like that to, say, a ball game...So it is so nice to see what other moms wear to look feminine, classy, and up to date. I love posts like these!

Unknown said...

OHHH glad you like modeling cause I was going to ask you if you would for me this spring!! Glad you're getting used to it!! FANTASTIC...and yes getting dressed up even while at home is a good idea...My husband thinks so too...I have tossed the sweats away years ago....And I love that skirt....and more I love vintage!!

Ruth said...

Love it! So great to celebrate the ordinary days.

Anonymous said...

Real life fashion! Love it! I may be compelled to imitate this at some point :)

Rebecca Ann said...

I love your outfit hannah! It reminds me of an outfit I am now inspired to wear today. Love that you can still be a great mama and not wear sweat pants. :)

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I can envision you taking a stroll through the English countryside in that outfit. I love the way you styled your hair. Your look is elegant and classic.

Thank-you for sharing.


Alison P. said...

You are lovely! Wish I could have you and all your kids over for hot tea and warm cookies, so we could chat about mothering, books, homeschooling, and theology. I need a kindred spirit! :)

Paula said...

That's great! Some say that it shouldn't matter what you wear, but I have found it does change my outlook and attitude when I care about how I look. I also love how cheap it was!
I haven't worn a dress around the house for a couple months, but maybe I'll put one on this week despite the cold. Time to get dressed up to scrub the toilets.

Diane said...

That first picture of you is gorgeous. I love all that beauty shining through. :O)

jessie bobsy said...

Not fashionable but I like the simplicity of the outfit.

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