Tuesday, January 3

Thornton Burgess

We're listening to the stories here, absorbing so much wonderful-ness about the creatures God created and the antics of the animals in the stories by naturalist Thornton Burgess.
With a pack of his fancy papers, Aiden (7), has been crafting some of the characters from the stories, doing a fabulous job, and Annaliese (11) has been busy drawing squirrels.
As a side, the wise blustery character, Old Mother West Wind, counsels and educates the creatures of the forest. As we listened to her tell Peter Rabbit that she had given him such long hind feet for hopping, Ella (5) tipped her little blond head and said to me, "oh, mama, that means she doesn't know God made Peter Rabbit. That's sad, isn't it?" and continued on with her playing as we listened.
And so our afternoons fall, as of late, with a little happy dose of Peter Rabbit and Reddy Fox.

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Emily said...

We are loving these books as well. I'm hoping to read the entire Dover Children's Thrift Classics series this year. I have the Burgess Bird Book on our May reading list and the Burgess Animal Book on next year's reading list. I just love how he writes! Thanks for the link to the online listening. I'm excited to check it out!