Monday, January 16

Phone pics

Delicious local cheese, large family size.

Delicious, creamy, local cheddar. Family size.

Some good habits start early - tea in her bottle.

Because you can't start a good habit too early, Adalia has been enjoying her bottle of warm tea each morning, usually a chamomile blend.

7 yr old Aiden's giant stack of pumpkin pancakes
7 yr old Aiden's stack of pumpkin pancakes. We like Martha's recipe and make it times 4. These were demolished and the kids were asking for more.

Best kid dishes ever

Best kiddo plates ever. Non-toxic, indestructible (virtually, I'm sure my boys could come up with several ways to destroy them), easy wash and I get to enjoy sorting their food by color, which makes my heart happy.

According to Aiden, this is a "mortal and pestle". Sad to say, only one linguist friend on FB caught the error of his wording.

Catan geographies GERMANY
Our family loves Settlers of Catan and this Christmas my sister and brother in law gifted us the Germany version. We broke it open with said sister and brother in law, and enjoyed a few rounds with homemade hot chocolate and Annaliese's Lazy Dazy cake.

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Alison said...

Love the picture of the bottle of tea! I've been blessed with two little ones so far, and they both started drinking herbal tea very young like that, too! I don't use/own any bottles. Do you have a recommendation for a good cup with lid for warm tea? I don't like the plastic ones we have for obvious reasons. I have a 3 year old and 18 month old. Thanks!