Monday, January 30

Phone photos

First pigtails. I call them sprouts.

A new boo-boo. Fell off the back of the sofa and landed on the wooden handle of his baby sister's ride-on toy. I always keep steri-strips on hand for these. Heals just as well as a few stitches would.

We've all been doing a lot of knitting. I think it's the combination of weather, warm woodstove and mama-reading in the afternoons.

Sometimes your spelling lesson is just so long and tiring, the woodstove is just so warm and the puppy is just so cuddly...
An Ella cardigan.
I am a simple knitter and have kept to hats and scarves and dishcloths. This is my attempting to follow a more complex pattern. Eleanora picked out the lavender and green flecked yarn and pansy buttons.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, these photos make me want to take out my knitting needles, and curl up with a peat fire to keep us cozy... Lovely, peaceful, family times. Precious. x

magi said...

We have the little blue and pink plaid dress too! It was a hand me down from a friend and is a standby in my little girls closet! Adorable.