Friday, January 20



We've been enjoying the sweetest and juiciest grapefruits this past week. Sean says they taste like sugar's been poured over them...



Addie enjoyed some off my spoon too.


Before the papa left for work, Chase held him in this long, I'm-not-letting-go-of-you embrace. Which reminds me of how I cling to my heavenly Father each day and how He is the not-letting-go-of-you sort of embracer.


In our house, boxes are turned into all sorts of things. I'm sure they are in your home too, if you have littles. This is a boat turned high and mighty throne.


These days, Chase is not without his turtle, who, this morning was hiding in his shirt. I was informed that he was nursing and needed to go back inside.


This boy loves animals and I don't believe he's ever met an animal he couldn't woo into loving him. Fern is three months old and is an Australian cattle dog, also known as a Blue Heeler. Her parents live on a farm not too far from here where the farmer tells them, "go get the cows" or "round up those pigs" and they do exactly that.


Fern is an excellent puppy, herds our poultry and tries to herd the children. We are smitten with her.

Look at this fabulous puzzle I found at a church thrift shop for $1! It is genius. The pieces move about but do not come free from the board. No lost pieces and the toddlers are amused with it. It is even safe enough to lend out since the pieces stay put.


We have burned wood for our heat but this year we replaced one stove with a coal stove. The coal is mined in PA and is very reasonably priced since it doesn't have to be shipped far. Burning coal is just about the same cost as burning wood, with a lot less work. A LOT less.


A hopper in the back of the stove feeds the coal in throughout the day, keeping the house warm even when we are not home. It doesn't have that lovely wood smoke smell, but thankfully we still have the woodstove burning cheerily in the living room at the other end of the house. That is where I'm sitting right now, kiddos eating baked pumpkin with butter and cinnamon and sugar hot from the oven in the room next to me. Our afternoon is just beginning, Annaliese is home from skating with friends, spelling and math lessons have begun and the littlest two are down for naps.
Have a beautiful weekend,


Debbie's L'Bri said...

We have popsicle sticks turning into catapults today. The week we studied Medieval times. Very interesting how things were done at the time.

Mary said...

Just found your blog & I must say I will be stopping by more often!

Alison Thomas said...

Fascinating! I didn't know you could even find a coal stove anymore! Does it produce a lot of soot on your ceiling or anything? It seems like I've heard people describe coal burning as kind of messy...