Tuesday, January 17

Monday Things

Federal holidays are one of my favorite things, with all due respect to MLK and the Presidents and veterans and Jesus... because Sean is home.


Being self employed, he must be present and open when his clients are, and federal holidays are the only days the office building is closed and he's home. Home is so much better when he's here.


We did Martha's pumpkin pancakes again, gluten free, which simply means I divide the total cups of flour it calls for by 3 and use a third each of buckwheat, rice, and potato starch.


Works out yum every time.


We ate on some of these vintage Corelle plates. I'm newly converted to Corelle and Fiestaware since discovering so many dishes are still made with lead and cadmium in them. My pretty blue and white ones had it and so out they went. The kids love finding Corelle for me at the thrift store. Last week we found a few of these vintage Corelles and a few cute-as-a-button vintage Corelle strawberry mugs for .49 each.


It may be 17 F out this morning, but by the time I get around to my coffee, it is usually cold and so I pretend it is supposed to be that way and throw a few ice cubes in. I do love an iced coffee.


The sun has been shining clear, even with the cold, radiating right through the old glass on the windowsill and onto Addie, fishing out her cereal. And, yes, I realize eating out of plastic is pure yuck for ya too. Anyone know of nice no-spill kiddo snack bowls?


Both her vintage dress and wool sweater were thrifted and I love them so. She a bundle of warmth this morning.


All those pretty rows of stitches I didn't have to knit.


And the colors in my broom which make what could be considered as drudgery, not so. The best broom corn broom ever. I'm a convert to broom corn brooms also.


Anonymous said...

FYI, an old corelle "hook" coffee cup makes a dandy pancake batter scoop. It hooks on the batter bowl to keep things tidy. I get them from the thrift store. I like my original corelle (just white) because it is lightweight and timeless and easy to find second-hand. The plates stack nicely on the bowls for leftovers, and for larger amounts on old pyrex bowls (my fave, though harder to find in thrift stores these days). I also use restaurant ware (specifically Buffalo China) which I get second hand. I like the heft, and the treasure hunt. I just told my DIL-to-be to choose her colors for Corelle and "China" so DD and I can enjoy looking for it. We are pushing her toward blue, haha, as I have red/pink and DD has green/yellow. In the end we will likely share. Dishes are strangely fun.

~Kristin~ said...

Good Morning Hannah~
How do you know those things are in your dishes?
And which dishes did you have to get rid of by chance?
I am working through eliminating these things from my kitchen.
Baby steps...right?

Bonnie said...

I think a friend found stainless snack cups, I'll try to remember to ask her where.
I want to know where you got your broom! I need a new broom, as my corn one is finally falling apart and my husband can't remember where he bought it. I am a convert to them also, and will just put up with pieces falling out whenever I sweep 'til I find a new one!

Me said...

Hello Anonymous! :) I will have to remember that FANTASTIC tip for the batter. As of yet, I don't have any hook handle mugs, but I've seen them in the shops. I do love how thin the corelle stacks and you are right on, dishes are heaps of fun!

Kristin, I happened to be looking for a lead free crockpot and happened upon an article on lead in old dishes. I had no idea. So I began googling the name on the back of my blue and white dishes and found out they are loaded with lead, in the coloring under the glaze and in the glaze itself. Most every dish that is nmade in China that has been tested has lead under the glaze, so if your glaze gets an invisible crack or scrape, it leaches into the food. A few yrs back when we were sandblasting the kitchen, one of the kiddos lead level came back slightly elevated. The health department advised us to get rid of every toy in our home made in China and we did and ever since then I've been trying to educate myself on safety in our home, as far as what we use and play with and eat with. I learn something new all the time. :)

Bonnie, someone local makes our corn brooms and they are sold at craft shows and in the local health food stores. My sister happened to hear me say I loved the way they looked and bought me one and now, I love the way they WORK! Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground for me concerning the snack cups. They are the only thing that keeps Addie from feeding her snacks to the dogs.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the anonymous. My google name links to a blog but I am a blogger flunkee :) I am a regular 53 year old western new york granny, a faithful reader along with my daughter. Her blog is waasup.blogspot.com/ and she got internet for a year for Christmas so she is updating it again some.
I mentioned Buffalo China because it is fun to get something sort of local and because I THINK there is no lead! We live in an old house and have done renovation work but (because of foster care mostly) when we tested we have been okay. Scary stuff.
One local-ish to me broom guy that comes well recommended is http://broomsanddusters.com/contact.php.
Hannah, thanks for continuing to blog. I meant to say that a few posts ago. It is easier to be a blog flunkee but I think God is using you here.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I like the little ones sweeter and the broom. Did you grow the broom corn yourself and make the broom?

Anonymous said...

Were your blue and white dishes the Currier and Ives ones?

Alison P. said...

Stainless steel snack cups:


Great post!