Tuesday, January 17

In the Shop

Sewing is a relaxing, much loved past-time that creeps its way into Saturday mornings and late nights. I also have a soft spot for vintage linens and fabrics and have too many of both and so, a few wee girlie skirts for sale, just the kind our girls love, a blend of old and new.
Payment is through paypal and I'll take the first request at cultivatinghome at uticasystems.com.

Edwardian Apron Skirt with vintage cut work embroidery, 100% cotton

size: 6/8

length: 18.5 inches

waist: 20-30 inches




Lemon Sunshine Skirt w/ vintage cut-work embroidered linen, 100% cotton

Size: 5/7

Length: 17 inches

Waist: 18-26 inches


A Wee Green Lass skirt

Size: infant - 9 mos.


Length: 9.5 inches



Snow White with hand tatted lace trim, 100% cotton

Size: 3/5

Waist: 18-22 inches

Length: 14 inches


All seams are either flat-fell, French, zig-zagged, or serged. Gentle cool wash recommended. Sizes are approximate, please take note of the measurements for best fit.


Momma Bug said...

Simply divine!
And I just fell in love with (and bought) a piece of that yellow fabric. So cheerful!

Aaron and Amber said...

Adorable! :)

Beth said...

Those are the cutest skirts ever, but my baby girl is only a 2T. Tempted to buy the white one and her grow into it! I am inspired to sew right now. Just adorable.

Sarah said...

I love these. I was given my grandma's stash of old clothes and fabrics once and began wearing around a beautiful skirt of hers. I wore it the next time I saw her and much to her blushing embarrassment, I apparently was wearing her old cotton eyelet undergarments! They were modest and embroidered so I didn't care. My sweet grandma just looked at me like I was wearing something just once notch better than the kings new clothes. ;)