Saturday, December 10

It was with Thanksgiving in our hearts

that we gathered at the cabin in the north woods on Thanksgiving Day. Our little family, my Dad and step-mama, sweet friends, and my brother in law and his daughter.


Our turkeys hadn't quite filled out enough, or enough as I wanted, and so a free-from-all-yuck store turkey and venison were our main fare with a long table full of delicious sides that mostly my step-mama made, and she is a wonderful good cook.


Chase kept watch at the window, mouth and fists full of carrot sticks and dip, waiting for everyone to arrive. I am thankful for this boy. I am thankful God spoke so clearly to Sean's heart that He wanted to give us another son - and then we had Chase.


I am heart brimming over in thanks for this man.
For his loving leadership in our home, for his love for me and our children, for God's grace and keeping of us through those difficult times in life.


The cousins had so much fun with each other on our long we-ate-too-much and making room-for-dessert hike through the woods to check on beaver ponds and enjoyment the peaks of color the forest gifted us with.


Like this color. Can you believe that is an au-natural straight from the woods color?


Fresh, to plant at home tree. A bit of green and a wonderful scent. I am thankful for this boy and his adventurous spirit and compassionate heart.




There were sneaky snowball wars with the bit of white lying in the woods and lots of running ahead and slipping behind trees unnoticed, to surprise fellow travelers.


On and on we walked on trails loggers made years ago and Sean cleared again with the tractor this summer. On to explore a cozy nook in the woods: a hunting blind perfect for imagining as a playhouse.




The woods of the Adirondacks are always arms brimming over full of beauty, even in winter. Lichen and moss, intricate tree bark detail, animal tracks and rushing creek sounds vi for attention.


I am thankful for this girl, my firstborn, for the gift of her life and her growing-in-grace years and her friendship. I have the best eleven year old ever.



We watched for beavers in their new ponds and mounded stick and mud homes, appreciated their new work on their dams and wondered at that such small creatures can move the course of rushing water with their diligent work.



I am thankful for my Dad, that my kids love their Grandpa and that he and I, after all the heartache of years past, have an open and honest and loving relationship. I am thankful for forgiveness and the power of letting go.


The boys played with the well pump Sean recently drove into the earth. It pumps out clear beautiful water a dozen or so yards from the cabin. Anywhere there is mud, or the potential for mud, my kids are on it! They do their former mud-pie loving mother proud.


I am thankful for Addie-girl and her life, for being gifted the wonder of life through her eyes as she endlessly points and exclaims at everything she sees that catches her eye.


For Aiden and his braveness I am thankful. For the little big-boy who sidles up to me and asks for a song and to read to me, I am thankful. I am thankful for his love of justice.

We had a lovely at the cabin day, brought home our yearly Charlie Brown tree for some greenery and life in the living room along with happy memories for years to come. For those readers in the USA, I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely too.


The Joys of Family and Hearth. said...

beautiful, totally made me smile!

Sarah said...

It looks like you and your beautiful family had a great day. The post-Thanksgiving dinner hike is a tradition in our family as well.