Sunday, November 6

Boy Decor or The Boy's Room

I've been asked before about our children's bedrooms and since this is the neatest our boy's room gets (and I'm okay with that) I'll share some photos. If you take liberty to imagine k'nex, legos and playmobil's scattered around the floor, you'll get a more accurate picture of life in the boy's room. As a rule, toys stay out in the toy closet, but you know how it goes, a few always wander.

(Boy treasures. Wooden sailors and an old typewriter.)
First, our boy's bedroom began life as two teeny bedrooms in an addition on the back of our 1791 home. The room below has a tin ceiling so perhaps that gives a date. This is also the same addition that Sean found carpenter ants in, causing him to replace a fifty foot sill-plate. It is also a part of the house that was unheated when we purchased our home. We took out a crumbling chimney, loads of lathe and plaster and layers of wall paper, the wall between the two small bedrooms and one closet and were left with a nice space for the boys. Sean used tinted venetian plaster on the walls, painted the floors and when we were quoted $3,000 for someone to drywall the ceiling I went into frugal mode and hung bead board paneling and I love the way it looks.


(beadboard paneled ceilings and schoolhouse style fixtures.

I am amazed, absolutely amazed, that these have survived the boys. :)

This corner makes me smile because it is all our son's treasures hung by the boys on hooks that made up the interior of the closet we took out. I spy a bb gun, fishing bag, a string drying some mint leaves, an acrylic by Andrew, kite, bow and arrow, cow skull among the boy decor.
Vintage paint by numbers make my heart sing. Lucky for me, my boys think they are pretty awesome too.
On vacation, Andrew found this fishing net washed up on a remote beach. We hung it from a beam and Chase is showing off how it gets daily use.

Their beds are twin mattresses and one and a half pallets for a base and reflect their individual tastes. I love this. And yes. Yes we need to hang moulding around the new windows Sean put in. This is real life, not a magazine.

The OCD part of me wants to straighten the blind and re-take the photo below. But who has time for that?


Love my boys. Love their boy-room.


Diane Shiffer said...

Girl, I am loving that fishing net hanging from the ceiling! My "little" boy is 12yo now and I've a sneaking suspicion he'd like such an amenity in his room;-)

thanks for sharing your lovely home with us:)

~Kristin~ said...

I just love this post!
I have been reading along for a bit. And just wanted you to know how much I look forward to seeing a post from you pop up in my reader.

What I love is...real life. And real life with boys is messy. And as a recovering perfectionist, I love that the room was not perfectly appointed.
It makes it cozy and homey.

I have just recently transitioned my two youngest boys into sharing a room. Which we are affectionately calling the "quiet" room. As opposed to all of our other rooms that can become quite noisy. It is my goal to create a rustic and warm room based off or our love of the country and our favorite spot in the Ozarks.

Thanks so much for sharing your life and home with us.
I admire how eloquently you share yourself.
Love, Kristin

Kim said...

It's good to tell your OCD to take a rest!!

I love your boys' room. It is real and filled with things they treasure.

A boys room shouldn't be picture perfect. They need room to play and build and destroy :).

I have four boys and their rooms are usually messie with lego, k'nex, books and blocks until they reach the teen it's dirty clothes, Nerf guns and empty food containers! They eat a lot :)

Thank you for the pictures and being real, Hannah. I enjoy your blog so much.


Momma Bug said...

I like it! And 8-year-old Clayton says "Wowzers!" when he spied that fishing net over my shoulder :-) We might have to get one of our own!

Alison said...

Made your gluten free waffles. They were really good! Thanks so much for the recipe. I substituted sorghum flour for the buckwheat because it is so much more available down here.

Also, Hannah, something about your settings-- it's really hard for me to leave a comment on your food blog. Everytime I try to sign in to some sort of account(which seems to be required) my comment ends up getting deleted and I have to start again. I'm sure it's possible, I just have a really hard time with it. After re-typing my comment 3 times, I almost gave up, but I did want you to know how much I liked this recipe. Just thought I would mention it. :) (Sorry to post this here. I couldn't leave a comment on the other blog!)

Corinna said...

I love the fact that you allow your boys to be boys. With three of my own, I'm discovering just how important that is. Love the fishing net, treasure corner and especially the special quilts. Did you make the quilts for them?

Aritha said...

Today I will, with help from the translator, respond to your great blog! What an interesting pictures. I really enjoy it and love your boys rooms. All these things tell me something about their lives and what you think is important to them.

Here the boys' room is so much smaller. My two boys are sleeping in a bunkbed.

Have a great week with many enjoying moments.

Unknown said...

Love it! :)

Me said...

Persuaded, thank you for your kind comment - I'm sure a lot of boys would love a net to climb on!

Kristin, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to leave a note. Homey and lived in is the way we work it around here. :)

Kim, my boys love nerf guns too!

Momma Bug, check beach shores, if you live near one! Hope you find one for your fellow!

Alison, thank you for the waffle comment - funny because I tried to comment on the gluten free blog, it wouldn't let me either! Ha! So I tweaked some of the settings and I think we'll have better luck with it now too. Thanks so much for letting me know. I like sorghum flour also, but up here it is less expensive for me to buy the buckwheat groats and grind them into flour. I'll post a recipe using sorghum flour soon!

Corinna, I made the John Deere quilt, my mom made the airplane quilt and the middle bed with the scotty dog quilt is an antique I found at a thrift store. I love quilts!

Jedidja, I love hearing from you! Our house is unusually large but until we re-did some of the old rooms, all of our children (5 at the time) slept oin the same room with bunkbeds.

Thanks They call me Mommy!


Anonymous said...

WOW.. I would have loved that fishing net in my room as a kid..
Using the wood paletts.. what a great idea!..
we need molding around our door frams in our house so I know how you feel.. had to tear the old stuff down when we painted..
LOVE the room.. your boys have wonderful parents..
Sue in NJ

amy said...

Thanks for some great ideas Hannah! We are redoing a boys room. My boys would love that net.

Aimee said...

I just showed my 4 year old your son's room and he said, "I wish we had that!" I love all the random boy treasures! :)