Sunday, September 11

Weekly GF Menu

Monday am - eggs, potatoes, ham
lunch - apple slices w/ peanut butter, yogurt, watermelon
dinner - tomato salad, quesadillas, baked beans

Tuesday am - cereal w bananas
lunch - dilly beans, homemade hot dogs
dinner - homemade tomato soup

Wednesday am - apple sauce, cinnamon scones
lunch- pineapple carrot salad
dinner- meatball and veggie soup

Thursday am - carrot pineapple muffins
lunch- apple and carrot slices w/ nutella, homemade granola bars
dinner -Penne a la Betsy with quinoa pasta

Friday am - fritatta w/ swiss chard, feta and sausage
lunch - gf box mac and cheese, carrot slices
dinner -carrot pineapple salad, gf white sauce pizza

Saturday am - blueberry corn pancakes
lunch- grilled cheese, carrot slices w dip, apples
dinner- Spanish rice and grilled sausages

Sunday am- Oeufs en Cocotte with Lox
dinner - venison roast with root veggies and rosemary

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Unknown said...

More MEAT.....such as duck.....