Sunday, September 11

Ten Years

Ten years ago I was watching Good Morning America, snuggled with almost one year old Annaliese on my lap nursing, my belly just beginning to round out with Andrew. Sean was already at work. Suddenly the news reporters seemed frantic, scared. Onscreen appeared the first tower that was hit and while they were still reporting on "a plane that accidentally crashed" a second plane was seen crashing into the second tower. There was no doubt then that it wasn't accidental. I called Sean and watched all morning as people jumped, crowds of firemen and first responders tried to empty the buildings, and then as they fell and the city was shrouded in thick gray smoke and dust.

We talk to our kids about it now and as I explain to them what happened and the horror of it, the many lives lost, the men and women sick today because of the fumes and dust and gasses their question is always, "but why?". And so we try to explain hatred, which is a horrible thing to let a child know about and I find myself desperate to include grace in the story, convince my children that not all people hate and everyone, whether they took innocent lives or tried to live as peaceably as possible with mankind, need the grace and mercy of a Savior.

Recently a sweet little girl saw a photo of our children and nonchalantly said, "oh, I know them, those are the kids who hate me..." and though we have acted only in love towards her, the bitterness from the mama has taught her little girl that she is hated. Hatred and bitterness are such horrific things but to see them soaking into children is much the worse. I gently share a glimpse of this story because often times it is so easy to think that a pretty blog must equal a pretty perfect life - but in truth each of us travels roads not to our liking that are rough on our feet and on our hearts.

My children are playing happily in the yard, the air is crisp with hint of autumn, and I'm heading back upstairs to organize the sewing area. I think the point I'd like to make most in this little remembrance and story is that forgiveness needs to be the answer and really is the only path to peace. There is a time for justice in court but there needs to be a time for forgiveness in our hearts as well.
I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday,


Lauren B said...

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself... I have been a decently long time "follower" that has just never hit that "Follow" button! Why is that SUCH a big task... hehe!
I found your blog by a google search for butchering chickens and I loved you post on it! Very informative and would you believe this is where we got most of our information the first time of butchering this spring... your blog! So thank you for that! :)
I haven't looked around your blog too much, but your title is enough for me to love you! I am a newleywed (It's been 1 year and 9 months already)that stays at home with my little pup taking care of laundry. cleaning. grocery shopping. garden work. and anything else needing done around here while my wonderful husband works all day to provide...
Good to meet you! I hope we can talk sometime! :)
{I have a blog as well that you are welcome to check out if you have any spare time, I would be delighted to have you!}

Catherine Anne said...

I too had a babe on my chest. My 10 year old today. Prayers today and always.