Tuesday, September 20

Just a bit

of what we've been enjoying:

Exploring here:

Every once in a while we'll take a library morning, more than just our usual browse and pick up. I'll announce it in the morning and prepare a list of research assignments for the older children and computer places for them to explore that I've screened ahead of time. We also liked these math games here.

Reading this: (photo via amazon.com)

A fabulous, fabulous story which also happens to encompass early New York history. I read this aloud to the kiddos, editing a few portions I deemed too violent/gory, mostly pertaining to the treatment of captives by the Mohawk natives. We finished this afternoon and we all give this a hearty recommendation.


These lovely virtue alphabet coloring pages. The littles love them!


Painting these:

And chalking these beauties: a bit of which can be seen in the recent harvest photos.


Aritha said...

Very interesting! I like that old book.

Tesa said...

Ohh, thank you for posting that link to the alphabet coloring pages~ those are sweet! My older kids love to color, too, so I am even printing off extra copies for them...My 10 y/o is learning how to use a concordance~ so we are going to pull that out and work together to find verses to go with each color sheet. That will be great handwriting practice, too!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I just wanted you to know that I've been following your blog for awhile. I haven't had a blog so you've been stored away in my "favorites" tab on my computer. Now that I have a blog I can actually leave you a message and let you know that I truly enjoy your posts. They are wonderfully thoughtful.

Frances said...

Thanks for the links to the coloring pages and the historic paper dolls!! The Internet can be such a blessing for home schoolers.

Unknown said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Love all your canning/garden photos...great job!!! :)