Friday, September 16

A Heavy Harvest

This morning autumn is in the air. While the kids load up the bucket of the tractor with greens for the pig, Addie Girl gnaws on a thick carrot in her highchair and I quickly slice jalapenos into round rings and drop them into waiting hot pint jars.
(onions: white, red, and yellow)


(honey dripping off the comb and into a pot)

Last night we cooked two pots of beets, peeled and canned those then shredded and chopped carrots to freeze for winter carrot cakes and warm muffins. Sean made up a huge beautiful glass jar of cultured carrots. Again now, Annaliese is shredding carrots for freezing and I am happy to see the end of carrots! {smile}
(dining room, looking into pantry)
(Annaliese and the papa hauling potatoes)

Three bushels of apples wait to be processed into sauce and pie filling and sweet wrinkled dried rings but they have to wait until the tomatoes that line the stair steps up the boys bedroom in bowls and baskets are dealt with.

(canned tomato puree and applesauce from this morning)

Aiden has set to work scrubbing the outsides of some nice orange pie pumpkins a neighbor gave us. The oven is set to roast them before hot packing them into the jars to line the new shelves in the pantry.
(roasting pumpkin)

In between rain we dig potatoes, white gnarled fingerlings that are buttery to taste, deep elegant blues, heavy rough russets and red potatoes so bright you could mistake them for hot pink. The ears of popcorn are ready too and I'll spend time tying them up after the kids pick them. Running in and out of the stalks is our little natives favorite thing to do.
(Purple and red potatoes fresh from the earth)
(a pantry shelf, dried popcorn hanging)
Autumn is a lot of work and I feel the heaviness of it all. Homeschooling takes on a more practical lean these days. In between Saxon math we discuss science and bugs and organic biology in the garden and somehow, I think, this is perfectly right for here and now.
(apples for sauce, popcorn waiting to be peeled, tied and hung

and one sweet little girl-child in the midst)
(canned beets, pickled beets, rainbow carrots and regular 'ol orange ones too)

Busy is the theme of the season, in between slide phone calls to and about my grandparents in NC, both of whom will soon be leaving this old shabby world behind for a far more glorious place. Autumn is so very beautiful in upstate NY but I am sure where they will be makes this all pale; and while I can and stack and skip count with the kiddos, they are never far from my mind. Changing of seasons at hand.



Unknown said...

Potatoes Please....thanks...;)

Amanda said...

its beautiful. all very beautiful

Anonymous said...

nothing more beautiful than a full shelf of canned veggies !
Sue in NJ

Kimberly said...

Wow. That's a lot of work going on! I told my guys we'd pick up school in October it was just too crazy with canning & preserving. :) They got over their disappointment and are enjoying watching the jars fill up with yumminess. Just not to the extent you are managing. Wow.

Teresa said...

you have been one busy family! Way to go!!!

Laura said...

Isn't it wonderful to enjoy God's fall bounty?! I've canned potatoes, peaches and tomatoes this week. It is so satisfying! I'm glad your garden was successful. I think the last I heard about it was this spring when you had so much rain.

Aritha said...

I like your pictures. So beatiful!
And also like your life. This is so different with my life but it seems very rich and full(busy)I have no garden, no fruit. We have to buy anything. The apples for applesauce. But my life is God's plan for me. I wish you a fruitful harvest season.

Rebecca Ann said...

I so enjoyed this post! I would love to do more canning someday! We only can apples and peaches and sometimes apricot jam in august every year for now. We also did zucchini pickles this year as a new endeavor. Someday, someday maybe we will have more things in the garden and be able to can more. Your post was very enjoyable and inspiring hannah!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful post. i absolutely love your blog. we have just bought our first home and acreage and are excited to get to where you are at-- your pics and lifestyle are inspirational. thank you! -michelle

Sarah said...

Hannah, how do you determine what you will can and what you will freeze? I'm always thinking, "what if the power/generator goes out?"

Anonymous said...

How I do look forward to reading your stories! I saw you have bags of rice and flour in bulk in your pantry. I can suggest an affordable airtight storage lid we use at our house, although it may not be an issue in climates less humid than ours. It's called the "Gamma Seal Lid" and fits on a 5-gallon bucket. I store my rice, oatmeal, flour, and sugar in them with no problems. Bugs and humid air stay out! My husband got them from his marine hardware store, and they are available online. Have a lovely day!

Mallorie said...

I really loved this post. Your harvest is so beautiful! This makes me long for land even more. And more children, lol! Maybe someday. For now, a city apartment and my 3 littles under 4 :-)

Autumn Blessings from a sister in Christ