Thursday, September 1

A birthday

And a much anticipated gift, which came first with a safety lesson. :) He and his older brother target practiced out back all morning before I finally felt the need to pull them in for some lunch and a lesson in finding perimeter. Studies done and bellies nourished, they headed back outside. Rodents in our area better take notice.


Sarah said...

What a classic picture. Happy Birthday to your son! Each kid's first gun was a big deal in our home as well. I was so thrilled the Christmas I received my first air rifle that I literally wore blisters into my hand from pumping it up to shoot non-stop that week.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Two of my girls have BB guns. Target practice is great fun, for all of us!

Happy Birthday to your son.


Aritha said...

O,o ...this is forbidden in the Netherlands. Is it a real gun?

Anonymous said...

would love to get these for my girls.. but living where I live.. It is not so easy.. love when the gov't gets too involved with out lives ! NOT!
Sue in NJ

Me said...

Thanks, Sarah. I never had a BB gun but my husband was raised in the country and did. The boys think it is funny when I target shoot with them.

Deanna, our middle daughter cannot wait to get a BB gun. She is just five though so she has a few years to wait.

Jedidja, it is a BB gun, or pellet gun. It shoots small pellets that can only kill a bird or rodent though when I worked for the surgeon, I recall watching him pull several wayward ones out of people, embeded in flesh but not deep enough to harm. Hunting is a part of how we provide healthy meat for our family, as many families here do. Our kids learn to aim with a gun like this and can go hunting with a real gun with their papa in a few years. There is also bow hunting here. We hunt for deer. Is there any of this in the Netherlands or are all guns outlawed?

No BB guns in NJ, Sue? Time for a trip over state lines. :)