Monday, August 8

A Summer Walk

The Papa had a meeting for church, Addie was restless in the heat and couldn't fall asleep and at the end of the day the older kids were still brimming with energy. So we went for a walk.
His sister is his "Buddy" and he loves holding her hand when we walk. Even when I ask to hold his, he'll usually scurry over to Annaliese and grab hers. Much love there. Yes, we use the famous large family buddy system. It is fabulous and my kids love it even more than I do.
Addie settled right down, carried on my front, and gifted me these endless gummy smiles all the way up the hills.


Gathering wild mint.
Taking time to roll drop apples from an old tree by the roadside down the road and see whose could roll the furthest. Andrew came in first place and Ella came in second with honorable mentions all around. Thank you to our neighbor, Mr. Dever, for filling us in on this necessary game.
We happened upon a spot the kids named *Berry Heaven* and we picked a basket full. There were so many juicy ones left, I'm hoping for a visit again soon. We ate handfuls and Chase just positioned his little mouth by a laden branch and quickly popped them in one by one, juice dripping down his chin. This morning we feasted on berry and white chocolate scones.
I am having a difficult time accepting that it is August, that summer is slowly closing up shop for us northerners.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, how gorgeous to have an evening stroll in the WARMTH. This time of the day is so lovely, isn't it. Everyone seems to go more slowly... fabulous :)

Sheri said...

Such a smart mama to take restless little ones on a walk. Sometimes when I know I should go ahead and give the children some special attention, but am too tired to do it, I always regret not doing what I should have done! Looks like you created a special memory with your blessings! I enjoy your blog. Blessings to you and yours!

SC Mom said...

You have such a beautiful family. God bless you all!

Joy said...

What a sweet post! I especially love the photo of little Addie. :)

Amanda said...

I wish we could go on walks right now! Here in Texas, it is still 105 degrees at 8 o'clock at night! So, as sad as you are to see summer ending, I am excited for fall. Autumn brings such lovely weather to Texas and I am ready for walks and to be able to be outdoors again! Your walk looked like so much fun!