Tuesday, August 9


Do this with me.
It really is wonderful.
With even the slightest chance of moving *sometime* in my future, I've begun ruthlessly going through the attic and tackling each of the rooms in our home one by one. I've sorted endlessly and made quite a few trips to the little thrift store (I dropped off so much that they asked if I was ditching my life and starting over) and have a stash here for the consignment shop. And do you know.... I miss none of it. I can't even imagine why I kept so much *stuff*. It was definitely owning me and not the other way around.
I still have shelves and shelves of books to sort through. Oh why, oh why do I have to have such affection for books?
So far we've ditched over 55 bags and boxes of *things* in our lives that we didn't need.
It feels great.


Sarah said...

I'm with you. We did the same to our garage a few months back. We got rid of everything we didn't need, or were holding onto for no reason at all. It now feels wonderful to walk in there, knowing that everything in there has a purpose. We plan to attack the attic next. Decuttering is very good for the soul.

nono said...

I've been doing the same thing. I'm going room by room and trimming things down. It feels wonderful!

Tasha said...

I can relate to this! Recently we "thought" we might be putting our house on the market so we got it model home ready. I took so much stuff down off wallls, cleaned out closets and just got rid of junk! Now we are not moving and I love the look of less.

Anonymous said...

It's true! "Get rid of it" has been my go-to ruling on stuff this year. I have gotten rid of a ton of junk. I've given bags of clothes away to people who can use them NOW, instead of wait for the possability of having another baby and using it then. Jesus provided 99% of my kids clothing without my buying any of it, and if He sends another baby to us, He can do it again! I love not being so attached to stuff!


Kelli said...

I did this this summer and the final two things to tackle are the linen closet and the dreaded garage...ug. It feels so wonderful to get rid of everything. I found it helpful to put things (toys particuarly) in BLACK trash bags as they sat by the front door, waiting for their Goodwill trip.:)The funny part is that my kids still haven't asked where certain toys are. Shows just how much they DON'T miss them.

Graced Simplicity said...

I LOVE simplifying! The feeling of weeding out is absolutely wonderful! :0) So good to meet you! Looking forward writing right along with you, and the other lovely ladies for the Titus 2 Series.

You and I have a lot in common!

I'm Esther. Very nice to meet you! What a lovely family you have!

Much Love & Blessings,

Kim said...

I've been inspired to do the same thing & even bought the book that Kelly Crawford recommended - "Simple Organizing" so I could have help in decluttering more than just the physical part of our home. It's good. (And I have a problem getting rid of books, too.)

Aritha said...

pI have just two big boxes full of books given away (free) A school teacher was happy with it. And a mother of two children.
I am so happy that they are happy with it! Now I have more space!

Great posting!