Tuesday, August 23

Not Back to School pt.3

How Does this Child Learn Best?

Amazingly and wonderfully, God created us with and gifted us each with a unique learning style. I for one, cannot follow written directions very well. I can look at an item of clothing and figure out how it was constructed or look at pattern pieces and see how they go together, but the written instructions I always toss to the side. When I'm out and about, I mentally re-arrange the furniture wherever I might be and I notice things like the lighting and the colors and font used in marketing.


I came across this quick test which can clue you in to how you personally learn best. I learn best visually, no surprise there. The book on my Amazon sidebar Every Child Has a Thinking Style is great for helping understand the way God has gifted your children. You can probably order it from your local library or find it on half.com.


So why all the fuss about learning styles and how does this play into home education? Simply put, we believe that a learning style is a gift, not a problem to be worked around or a glitch that needs to conform to one style of learning, such as workbooks or note taking off a blackboard. While life certainly doesn't cater to my particular learning style and I don't expect my kids to think it will to theirs, at this young age when there is SO much learning and absorbing taking place, it absorbs so much easier when we can identify the learning style God gave them and use it to His glory and their benefit.

Any idea what your learning style might be?


Kimberly said...

Totally visual. When I taught, we had two totally auditory teachers, one unknown and me. I usually told people to send their visual kids to me. I always talk and write at the same time. Should make homeschooling interesting for my kids--one auditory, one kinesthetic and one baby.

Catherine Anne said...

I am loving your space!!!

Jennifer said...

Knowing their learning styles will also help you children, once they get to college, to be able to study more effectively. It definitely helped me!

Mrs. Stam said...


each child is different, learn differently... each is unique and special...the way God made them :-)

love this post!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a definite sight learner. I struggled thru school when they just told us to read and figure it out.
Honestly over the years I have been told I have alot of common sense, but never got high grades in school. If I had to chose between the two I would rather have common sense over book smarts.
Sue in NJ

Blondee said...

Hello Hannah,

I wanted to come and visit to repay the kindness. :) Very true post. Discovering the type of learners you have can make the difference of helping to light thier thirst for knowledge or making learning a sruggle season to season.
The baby is just adorable, from the sidebar photos she looks just like her big brothers and sisters.
Have a lovely weekend.