Sunday, August 7

Gluten Free Weekly Menu

I'll work on answering all the recent questions on hot dogs and bathing suits :()
and here is my menu for this week, all gluten free, of course but definitely not flavor free.

Monday am - blueberry cornbread, orange juice
lunch- Greek yogurt with honey
dinner- chicken quesadillas, corn on the cob

Tuesday am - strawberry yogurt smoothies, puffed rice with honey and milk
lunch - apple slices with peanut butter, oatcakes
dinner - Pioneer Woman Easy Sesame Noodles, green beans, blackberry tart

Wednesday am - cereal with bananas
lunch- tuna salad with pineapple, nachos with salsa
dinner- hamburgers with peppers, caramelized red onion and horseradish sauce, greens from the garden

Thursday am - pineapple zucchini bread with raisins and choc. chips
lunch- pepper jack cornbread, baked beans
dinner- fish tacos

Friday am- scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage and potatoes
lunch- Greek yogurt with granola and jam, popcorn, carrot sticks
dinner- pepperoni pizza, salad

Sat am - pumpkin pancakes
lunch- rice salad, baked zucchini fries (substitute cornmeal/buckwheat for the flour)
dinner -antipasto with crab cakes

Sun am - blackberry white chocolate scones, chocolate milk
dinner - homemade fettuccine with pesto sauce

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