Tuesday, August 30

Finally, friends,

How can we best train our children in the way they should go - speaking to the natural bent God places in each of them (because that really is what that verse is addressing).
This needn't be a long post but here's the scoop. Just as God created our brains to learn in unique ways, He also creates us with a unique purpose. The Bible says, "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord..." And He does know the plans and purposes He has for these babies we hold and raise and teach phonics to and sing silly songs with.
One of our children is very mechanical. He put together furniture as a toddler, explains to us how things work, and tinkers with magnets and gears and batteries and wires (supervised - smile) endlessly. This building, creating, understanding and exploring mind is clearly his natural bent. And so we supply him with mechanical books, appliances to dissect, and put up with lights plucked off our Christmas strands in the attic (he built a light-up fork) and so on.
Perhaps your child does not have such a clear bent, but perhaps they seem happiest in the kitchen, or digging in the garden, or surrounded by tins of paint and rainbows of pencils or talking with people. Encourage this. You can do this even without homeschooling. Plant lettuce by the window in the winter, sprout the pit from your plum, there are myriads of art blogs, art lessons online, books available from the library... education does not have to be expensive! Let your socialite plan the snack menu for having friends over, turn their endless words out onto paper, record family history, write plays and skits and find rhythm in the letters... Let your historian build weapons, sculpt the Great Pyramid in blocks, use paper towel tubes to build a castle, design costumes... This IS education!

And so it goes, I'm told, that little selves enjoy and relish the bent with which they were created, the giftings He gives, on their own way and path to glorifying God with their lives.
And, if someone were to ask you, which I am -what is your natural bent? Please share your thoughts or what you've noticed in your own children.
And what is a post without photos - some tomato puree canning and gluten free cookie baking in the kitchen this evening.


Sally said...

Thank you, sweet lady, thank you.

Rebecca Ann said...

I have loved this series Hannah! I don't have any children of my own, but as a homeschool grad I really have been able to find after homeschool in this first year of doing College Plus how I learn best. I am an audio visual learner, so I do best talking to others about what I am learning, asking myself questions, listening to audio books, lectures, sermons, seeing someone do what I am learning. I love hand on things! This is great for me to learn about the different learning styles now to help my sister and myself and other gals know how they can best learn. I will also use this with my kids when I Lord willing have children of my own someday. Thanks for the encouragement and I always love reading your blog!

In Christ,