Wednesday, July 20

Your Story

The story that God has given you is important. It needs to be shared. The hurts in your life that He has healed will bring healing to folks all over who are still heart aching and needing to be filled with His love.

Your story is uniquely yours. I thought about this the other day in the context of my own life. I was raised for the first eight years with two fighting parents both present at home and the next ten years by a single mother. My younger sister, however, was quite small when our parents split and so her experience is mostly being raised by a single mother, no father present. Though we are sisters with the same parents our experiences are so different.


(Aiden (6) feeding Addie her milk. He is so gentle and affectionate with her.

And from birth she has done that leg-up thing while she nurses.)

The same goes for the story of our family. Our family story is unique. The ways that God has taken us and worked in the lives of two crazy kids and brought about stability and function to His glory is uniquely our story. A few times people have assumed I grew up with a functional, privileged life and I've been able to share our story. I've even been in circles and have heard the verse quoted about the sins of the fathers being visited upon the next generations, heads shaking, tongues clicking - some poor unsuspecting family being talked about who has fallen on rough times. And I share our story, and how that scripture refers to those who don't know the Lord, not those who are striving to be walking, talking, knowing Him. People can't argue against your testimony. It is what it is.


(The Black River, where we are headed again today, this time with inner tubes to lazily float and splash.)

When I share my story, I am publishing the works of the Lord because nothing we are today that is good is of our own merit or to our own glory. I have no desire for fame and I feel the heaviness of the responsibility behind offering advice from what I've learned along the way. At the same time, as an older woman, I am called to teach and in this story sharing I hopefully am.

What is your story?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my how I needed to hear those words.....thank you for reminding me that no matter where I have been or what I have experienced, the Lord has made me anew in Him. By faithfully following Him, my husband and I can trudge a new path for our children. We are NOT destined to divorce just because both of parents have been married and divorced multiple times. And we are not destined to let our children become latch key kids or to let them eat dinner alone every night just because that is how we grew up. Through Him our future has nothing to do with our past.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

.... no, Betsy... because He is a God of grace, and gracious beyond all our imagination

Thankfully :)

Jeff and Rebecca Steigenga said...

Good words of encouragement! I want to remind you and everyone that it is not our story but rather God's story in which we are blessed to be a part of. We are created to bring HIM glory in HIS story! It's important to share our lives while consistently giving God the glory.

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you the story of my friend? My friend Kristen died suddenly on Saturday and we buried her body today.
Kristen was 41 and left a husband and 7 beautiful children ages 5 1/2 mo to 15 years.
As horrible a loss as this is, Kristen made EVERY day count and left her "story" in the 7 young children that she has taught to walk with the Lord.
She did more to share God's love in her short life, than many do in lives twice as long.
She left a legacy... A life well-lived and full of love for the Savior.
And now she sings her praises at the feet of the King!


Marmee's Pantry said...

Amen, Dearest, Amen. Part of our story is here:

Just in case Blogger won't let my link print out, go to my blog & scroll down until you see the picture of (a very young) me holding our "Jessica". Click on the photo & read her story.

Love you blog ~ I don't comment much, but I enjoy it so much.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Me said...

Betsy, you are so right, what was modeled to us does not determine how we live our lives or halt the wonder workings of the Lord!

Homeschool on the Croft, I am so thankful for His unending grace. I love the words in the song "How He Loves"..."if grace is an ocean, we're all sinking..."

Rebecca, it is the story of God's working in our lives but I think it is also a gift He gives us, our story or testimony. Certainly the seasons of life when I was in sin was not His story and I'm reminded of the apostle Paul sharing his testimony from the stoning of Stephen to the spiritual and physical seeing he received to ministering in the name of the one he hated! Ahhh! Awe inspiring testimony! To God be the glory always!

Andrea, I cannot imagine the pain Kristen's family is walking through but I praise with you the beautiful testimony of her life lived to the glory of God. My prayers include her family and loved ones tonight.

Kim, thank you for sharing the story and for taking a few minutes of your very busy day to comment!