Friday, July 29

Farm Shopping

It all began last year when we happened upon a "farm-for-sale" sign on the way home from a summer day at the lake and then drove past a small farm with a lovely little creek with horses grazing and thought "hmmm....". That, I think, was the beginning of a dream. We've spent time reading lots and lots on farming and asking lots and lots of questions from people more experienced (which doesn't take much) in farming and animal husbandry than we. Slowly we began talking farming. Slowly we made plans to slowly look at a few farms and decided to try to sell our cabin to finance our little farm dream debt free and slowly move into moving.
We are in no hurry - we made sure to tell our friend/realtor this and so how it happened that on our first day of official farm browsing we happened upon a lovely little farm with three wild meandering creeks and solem old red barns nestled in a little valley and with a name of it's own like it had fallen out of the pages of Country magazine, I'll never know.
Now, I must be honest, there is work to be done on this pretty place but, as Sean reminds me, one can always improve upon a house but you can't much change the shape of or add to the land. The house is the song Stayin' Alive in house form - the nineteen seventies alive and well in orange shag, newsprint wallpaper and yellow linoleum - yellow and orange being the primary tones of the decor with some pink and blue shag thrown in for good measure. But under all that is good wood floors, I'm confident.

It might fly fast and be sold before we're prepared to buy and then we'll know whether it truly was meant for us or not. In the meantime I've posted our little piece of Adirondacks on craigslist and if you happen to know any such persons hankering for a pretty piece of wilderness, do send them my way, won't you?


mandi said...

WOW! This is my dream too! What a lovely farm you've found!

Laura said...

Neat! Have you read anything by Joel Salatin? I'm guessing you have, but if not, look him up.

Sommer said...

What an exciting adventure! I pray the Lord directs you as you search for your farm.


Ruby Jean said...

Sounds Like a Glorious adventure indeed... : )

Diane said...

Hope you're not moving too far away and we can still come for visits..... :O)

Emily said...

Dear Hannah,
Truly love your vision...what beautiful barns and piece of land.

It is a breath of fresh air to witness families who know and are trying to live out what matters in this life.

Emily said...

I second Laura's reading suggestion by author Joel Salatin. "You Can Farm" is a must read. So many incredibly tangible ideas and so inspiring! This man is full of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the both of you.. This is my dream.. but don't think Hubby is completely on board.. so doubt it will happen..
I will send couple up for you guys if this is the farm for you !

Sue in NJ