Sunday, July 10

Discipline Part Four - Trying vs. Training

I think I stole this thought from Pastor Mike, but I'm not sure because the t.v. in the church nursery wasn't working on Saturday night and so I only caught a wee bit with wiggly children while standing in the back of the church.
I also listen to sermons online to make up for missing weekend sermons so I'm not quite sure where the quote came from.
But the phrase trying vs. training stuck with me, wherever it came from, and I've been thinking about it this week.
What view do you take?
When faced with something new or difficult do you take the view that you'll try it? Or do you take the view that you'll train for it and accomplish it?

I thought it was a great thought and I've been applying it to my life at home as a homemaker and as a Mama. I've been asking myself if I view my work with our children as "trying to teach them" or as "training them to do the right things". There is an obvious difference.
Trying leaves the results open ended and with an easy clause of "oh, I tried".
Training implies actual consistent effort and improved results over time.
Am I trying to make the littlest one use the potty? Am I training her?
Are we trying to learn how to read around here or are we training him how to read?
Am I trying to be more organized and disciplined or am I training myself to be more organized?
What situation in your life can you apply this "trying vs. training" to?
With my neighbors - am I trying to show them the love of God or am I training myself to do so by making actual efforts and doing strategic things to reach out to them?
I think that once we view things as training instead of just trying, we tend not to have a hopeless mindset when they take time or more effort than we expected.
Anyway, its been something good to mull over while cooking and cleaning and doing endless laundry in between teaching division and reading Ivanhoe with the wee ones.
The sun was out yesterday and we all had squinty eyes after our long dark winter. The brightness was spoiling us.

Have a sweet day!


Unknown said...

Oooo...convicting! *gulp* Thanks! ;)

Olga said...

Is it reposting again? Then i'm glad you did it because i missed the original post:)
this is quite a new and shocking idea for me - and yes, i must confess there's too much trying (and failing) in my life as mother and housewife and that's exactly the reason i often feel so frustrated and depressed! Thank you for sharing this idea, Hannah, it definitely changed my way of thinking. Concentrate on training - well. it's worth trying:)

Jennifer said...

This is so well said! I am definitely guilty of only "trying". I am going to start using the term "training" and see where that takes me :)

Me said...

I needed my own reminder... :)

Kara Chupp said...

Really appreciate this...wandered in from my friend Kari's link.

Kimberly said...

this idea won't seem to leave me alone--came back to reread it today and link up to it :)