Thursday, July 28

Cleaning without Toxins

I've written before here and here about the cleaning products I use in our home and recently I was offered some Shaklee products by Mariliz to use in our home. Researching the products, I liked what I read. No perfumes, non-toxic, safe for my kids....

The Shaklee cleaner comes with one bottle of Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, a VERY economical little bottle. This makes 48 gallons of cleaner for your home! It came with three separate spray bottles for mixing different cleaning solutions: an All-Purpose spray, Windows and Mirrors, and De-Greasing cleaner. Easy to follow directions on the bottles make for easy mixing of the very concentrated solution with water. I'm talking like a droplet to a quarter teaspoon of concentrate for one bottle of cleaner.

The first thing I noticed using the Glass and Windows cleaner was how nice these spray bottles are! Much better quality than the dollar store spray bottles I usually use around the house. Windows were streak free and clear... well, at least momentarily - I do have a house blessed with children.

The Degreaser became my go-to bottle for spills on the floor, splatter around the stove, and water marks from our hard water around the sink. The all-purpose cleaner worked well too, I just preferred the cleaning action of the Degreaser for my busy household.

The Scour OFF worked wonders in my nasty sink (oh be honest, yours gets that way too sometimes). Shiny! I can't wait to scrub down the old tub upstairs with it.

Also this great microfiber cloth came with the set, which I was skeptical about having *done* microfiber cleaning cloths. I need more of these. They take off everything without scratching and minimal scrubbing.

My only complaint with the Shaklee products is probably their biggest selling point - no scent! I like a lemony clean scent lingering in our home post-cleaning. Not a problem though, I just add a drop of lemon essential oil to my bottle of Degreaser. :)

Bottom line: Shaklee has some fabulous cleaning products, safe for your home, scent free. To enjoy your own Shaklee cleaners, visit this woman's sweet blog or the Shaklee webpage here.

Though I was sent these products to review, I was under no obligation to give a favorable review and what you have read is my honest opinion of them.


SRKindred said...

We use Shaklee products in our home too! Shaklee also has lots of nutritional supplements which have changed our lives! We have seen an incrediable difference in our son (autism symptoms) and our daughter (after being on meds for 5 yrs!) You can read our story at my blog -

nono said...

I'm glad that you liked them. I too add essential oils for a light scent. The Basic H can be used to clean is amazing.

Unknown said...

This products look amazing!! For now, I make all of our cleaning products, and hopefully one day, will be able to afford such a luxury as this!!

Have a most blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I tried to get on the shaklee bandwagon and I have to be just doesn't clean! I added way more concentrate than directed and it was at best mediocre in cleaning just little countertop mess. But yes, the spray bottles are good quality and have a cute design on them.