Thursday, June 16

Buddy Blocks Puzzle Review

I am always on the look out for activities, not mindless ones, as those are plentifully found, but educational and entertaining ones for our Chase (3). Timberdoodle sent us a Buddy Blocks Puzzle, which consist of a wooden box and four block pieces. Each side of each block is a puzzle piece of an animal.
Timberdoodle also sent along their Toddler core curriculum guide, which I'll admit the very name of gives me the willies. I'm definitely not a pro-curricula homeschooler as the very idea of a set curricula bores me, having endured/survived years of Abeka in my youth. I was happy to see it consisted of enjoyable games and activity suggestions to use with a toddler and a listing of what Timberdoodle has to offer - this fun block game being one of its offerings.

Chase love that this was just for him and enjoyed finding each part to each animal. We were able to look on the side of the box to see what each animal looked like and Chase had fun making the animal noises.

This is just the sort of activity I would buy for him to do during his blanket time in the morning while the kids work on their math activities.

Timberdoodle's literature states: "Since helping parents teach their kids is our goal, it also makes sense to start with the little ones. We aren't ever going to be advocating for forced baby geniuses and hours spent at a desk from the time your child can sit. Instead, we want parents and their little ones to get a taste for the joy of learning early, in the natural environment of daily life. In that attempt, we have assembled the best tools we can find into kits for your wee one. In our opinion the best toys are not just toys, but are the safest, sturdiest, most educational tools, you can find, with the final test being whether they are still actually fun for you and your little one."

Timberdoodle has great catalogs, which my kids love to look over, circling their favorite things. You can also follow along with Timberdoodle on Facebook, as well as me - Cultivating Home!

Fine Print: Timberdoodle sent me this product

and I was under no obligation to give a positive review for it.

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