Monday, May 30

The Yearly

Every year Aiden has his annual check of the kidneys and assorted plumbing at Albany Med's pediatric urology department. You can read a little more of the road God carried us along here and see how we celebrated his finally being off of antibiotics after two straight years here.

Aiden was born in Syracuse, NY and actually had one of his operations there, when he was seventeen months old. We never had good experiences in Syracuse and God blessed us with finding Dr. Kogan at Albany Medical.

So, want to know a sure fire way for getting in and out of the doctor's office on time?

Bring six children with you.

Aiden was in and out, ultrasound and all, in under an hour. (smile)

And while we (briefly) waited for his test results to be reviewed, I kept the other kids occupied with riddles. Don't you love Andrew's puzzled face here? And Ella has fallen back in exasperation.

Annaliese, holding Addie, in the background finally solved the riddle.

What is my name?

I have the name of a vegetable I am not.

I have the name of an animal I am not.

Leave your guesses in the comments and I'll think up something fun to send to the first one to guess correctly.

We left the doctors with a happy report and will visit again next year. We had a great family day in Albany, eating out a Chipotle, visiting the Albany campus of our church and stopping by General Herkimer's home.


JStacie said...

Horse radish?

Leslie said...

Is it horseradish? So happy to hear that the check up went well:-) Praise God for His blessings!

MrsRobinett said...

A corndog?

Me said...

yay! JStacie! Send me your mail address via the contact tab at the top of the page and I'll send your package fo goodies out this week.

Thank you, Leslie, for playing along and for rejoicing with us. It is always a huge relief when we're givent he gift of good news.

Mrs. Robinett, I love your answer too. I think I'll ask my kids this afternoon what *else* has the name of a veggie it is not and an animal it is not. :)

Sommer said...

I came up totally blank until I saw the other responses ;-) Congrats JStacie!

So glad to hear that you had a good visit with good news! Praying for God's continued provision in Aidan's health!

Lots of love,

JStacie said...

Cool! Sent my info. I liked the corndog guess a lot, though! Thanks so much.