Monday, May 9

Weekly GF Menu

Monday am - home made English muffins, fried eggs
lunch - Antipasta salad
dinner - potroast w. veggies and dumplings

Tuesday am- cereal w/ milk and bananas
lunch- buckwheat sweet potato bread, cheese sticks, apple slices with peanut butter
dinner- quiche, biscuits
Homeschool Presentation Night

Wed am - German pancakes with lemon, butter and sugar
lunch- yogurt with granola, fresh fruit
dinner- roast chicken with root veggies, brownies
Eleanora's 5th Birthday!

Thursday am -scones, kefir smoothies
lunch- chicken quesadillas
dinner- fish tacos, rice and beans

Friday am- coconut corn cakes
lunch- A Picnic! Cornbread, cheese slices, sunshine tapioca, carrot sticks...
Soccer and Homeschool Trunk Sale
dinner- chicken and rice soup, chocolate chip cookie bars (you should make these, they're amazing!)


Unknown said...

Oh this all sounds so wonderful!!! I've always wondered how to make kefir (I try to incorporate foods rich in Vitamin A, D, Calcium, and Phosphorous, in order to, nutritionally heal/maintain our dental hygiene).

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Homestead Living said...

We are heading into our second week of a yeast and gluten free diet. Glad to know you have some recipes. I'll have to check back when I get a chance.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What flour substitute do you use, like in the cookie bars?

Also, can you post your GF dumpling recipe? Min never turn out quite like my traditional ones. They breat apart into bits :(

Sarah said...

any chance I can fly over and stay for a week? all sounds delicious. x

Amy said...

You're a LIFESAVER! I have been panicking and obsessing over feeding my family GF foods (at the very least wheat-free) but most people skip breakfast, snacks and lunch. That's what I have the most trouble with!

Thank you for the inspiration. :D

littlekarstar said...

Oh yum what are coconut corn cakes?? Intriguing...I adore coconut...

Kara said...

Just wondering if you made your chocolate chip bars GF? I am thinking they would taste fine with some rice flour but not sure. Just wondering....