Sunday, May 29



Her hand

is almost as big as mine now.

Ten summers ago she was just a little thing,


in her yellow duckie swimsuit

on the front porch of our first home

in the city,

trying to eat dandelions while I gardened

with her beside me

lazily enjoying the days of just her and me

while the papa was at work.

I am her mama, it's true

but I can clearly see the heart in her

that will make her my friend one day

Everyone always says their kids grew up too fast

and if truth be told,

I would slow down the hands of time

just a little

with this lass.

1 comment:

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh yes, I would slow down time too :)
My two girls are 14 and 16, my older boy is nearly 18, but I still have an 8yr old 'baby'! I want time to stand still..... it's just too, too quick.