Monday, May 2

Country Kids

Three, or was it four (?) straight days of deluging rain, thunderstorms and even tornadoes (not on our road) turned our yard again into a mud pit. All of Sean's beautiful tilling has to be done again. The rain was so heavy and in such an amount that it compacted it right back down.

Tiny toes did not mind the mud. The two year old's toes were quite happy to squish in it. Having spent many memorable childhood moments making mud pies, I don't discourage enjoyment of mud. It all washes.

Now a bit of homemade fun.

We needed a new gate for our animal yard.

I borrowed Sean's drill, scrounged up some screws, sent my servants (children) gathering the suckers Sean had pruned off the apple trees and built and wove a pretty cute rustic gate (my ever so humble opinion). I also borrowed my eight year old son's saw and promptly sawed into my thumb to the bone. Nice, eh?



Michelle Pearson said...

ooh, your gate is so fun...I love it!!

Sarah said...

Wow - love that gate! What a great and creative project.

Bonnie said...

Lovely gate, shuddering at sawing into your thumb. Sounds like something I would do.

~ Shannon said...

Ouch, Hannah! The gate looks lovely, though!

I hope your thumb heals quickly, and that the re-tilling is not too tedious!


Tanya said...

I love the gate..its so cute!

Ruby Jean said...

I pray that the Lord will provide great weather and time for the work to be done again..I am sure the Lord knows that this time the work will be that much better...

Praying to be on a farm it is always a blessing to stop by and visit with you..
Have a Blessed Day..

Tracey said...

Oh, dear - hope your thumb is feeling better! Love the toes in the mud!

Unknown said...

I am a new follower to your blog, and I must say, I am so glad/grateful I found your blog. You are such an inspiration and example of a Godly woman, thank you.

Unknown said...

Your gate looks charming! Well done Hannah!

Did you pass out? I would have passed out. I can't believe how squeamish I've become in my old age ;) You'd think this life style it would be quite the opposite, but it's not so. Is it recovering well?

Karen G. said...

oh no! Did you need stitches? Sounds like fun in the mud until the sawing the thumb to the bone part..
Hope you're okay. :)