Monday, April 25





We borrowed a tiller from the organic farmer up the road and rough plowed earth turned into neat loose soil to plant in. Up next - fertilizer!


Unknown said...

So jealous... we're a soggy, saturated mess here. I'm not getting in the dirt for another month easily.

Ruby Jean said...


I saw that you stopped by and joined in the fun for the Marie-Madeline Giveaway...I also wanted to let you know of another Great Giveaway I just posted today..Be sure to stop by..I also joined the following and look forward to seeing all the fun things you have going on..
In Christ

Sally said...

Turning over the earth = exciting stuff!

The Bennetts said...

My husband was tilling up our property today as well but not on your scale. His was just a rented medium scale tiller and the man worked hard! However, Hooray for fresh turned up earth, ready to be planted!

Jaime @ Like a Bubbling Brook said...

I love the shot of your son on the bike - so nice!

Amanda said...

Your soil looks wonderful! Such an exciting time as you get the earth ready for planting!