Monday, March 14

He made me this:

and I am most fond of it. Affection for a bowl? Oh yes, and the hands and the man who carved it. (phone pic, sorry it's dark)

Yesterday was a beautiful family day and one of the sweetest birthdays I remember in a long time.

Sean made me delicious macaroons with almond flour and chocolate and caramel fillings. GF so he could gobble some too. Annaliese made me a coconut lazy daisy cake and my stepmom made a cheesecake with ricotta and marscapone cheeses, blackberries and raspberry sauce.

I ate WAY too much sugar yesterday and am feeling all sleepy and droopy for it today. There is a whole container of homemade chocolate truffles that I haven't even touched yet. They are waiting for a glass of farm milk.

Chase does not give his grandpa a moment's peace while they are together.

Anyway, just a lovely day and the beginning of a lovely thirty something year and I have so much to be greatful and thankful and blessed by that I am overwhelmed. Healthy kiddos, a husband getting healthy, parents who love me, kids who make me laugh and laugh with me and an amazing husband who is so,so much better than me in a thousand ways.


Sally said...

Happy Birthday, you sweet thing! That bowl is absolutely GORGEOUS. We are over the moon for that very sort of thing 'round these parts, and to have it given in such a way is lovely.
I am so glad that you enjoyed your day!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you! It looks like it was a lovely day for you. Yesterday was my birthday too. We took a nice family trip to Lancaster, PA (not too far for us) for the weekend, very relaxing. Hope you are blessed with a wonderful next year!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Hannah :) It sounds like you had such a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE That bowl.. he is so talented and you are very lucky to have him.. Homemade gifts are the best !!!

Sue in NJ

Kara Chupp said...

The bowl is beautiful...
Happy 30-something birthday!

Sommer said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Sounds like an absolutely beautiful day! Many blessings to you :-)

Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! You look lovely, as always! I began a new "thirty-something" year last month, too. :)

I LOVE the bowl, it is so beautiful!


Kim said...

Wonder photos of a most wonderful family!