Sunday, February 6

Blue and white plates that held buttery soft biscuits and slices of quiche with eggs I hoarded from our hens, cream cheese swirled on the inside with thin slices of smoked salmon lain on top, have been cleared away.

So too the crumbs of fresh whole wheat brownies the kids made.

Annaliese is crafting a dolly, Eleanora and Chase pouring over a book that was mine as a girl, But No Elephants. It still makes me smile. Earlier I took a break from vacuuming to read it to Ella and now she is relaying the story to her little brother, cuddled on the sofa.

As I bask here by the wood stove, nursing Addie girl, Sean and the older boys are out doing manly things with our new-to-us tractor. Sean found a great deal on a Kabota and I am so excited for the planting it will help me do this spring. A plot of something for chicken feed, still deciding what, and a plot of corn for cornmeal, scooping and moving mulch for the garden.... Spring plans are wonderful. I've been told we're supposed to get five more inches of the white fluffy stuff tonight.

Enjoy your weekend in your sweet corners of the world. Be blessed with home and family. Hold tight to God.



Ways of Zion said...

I've just been catching up reading some months worth! I've missed reading your entries each week.

Thank you for some inspiring points and some lovely family life visuals.

But No Elephants is one of my old story books as well that is now held together with packing tape.

We just found out we are not allowed to have chickens because of some silly zoning rules, and we live in the country! Oy!

Thanks again. Oh the homeschooling resorses you listed a month or so you have the links so that I can check them out please?

Thanks again!

Alison P. said...

Beautiful post! But No Elephants was one of my favorite books as a child - too funny! I just bought it for my 2-year-old this Christmas, and he loves it. :)

mama said...

Congrats on your tractor! We have a kubota and I LOVE it.
Also, I've ground pop-corn for cornmeal. It is easy to grow and not as tricky to dry.