Sunday, January 23

Twelve Below

Twelve below...that's what the temperature is in Fahrenheit tonight. It was zero, wind howling, when I did the children's poultry chores for them tonight, thankful that they (poultry, not kids) are tucked in with lots of straw. You bet I said a "please don't freeze" prayer over them as my numb fingers fumbled to pour them water, empty the kitchen scraps for their culinary delight and tuck them in safe for the night.

Thanksgiving, the turkey by that name who has obviously outlived her destiny, came over for a petting. The children are convinced he or she is part cat, as she rubs against their legs and loves to come visiting in nicer weather. We were anticipating turkeys as being cantankerous, but not Thanksgiving. Maybe that's why she is still alive. She even lets the smaller birds snuggle under her wings. Sean has mentioned wishing she were meaner.

Once inside, eye glasses fogged, ears aching with cold, I plunged by cold fingers under the warm faucet water and slurped down a cup of hot Earl Gray to push the chill from my bones. Sean and I warmed up the kitchen by making four apple pies while the older two kids took turns entertaining Addie and the younger three entertained and antagonized each other over toy trains. We ate a pie and a half after dinner and the rest will be breakfast tomorrow along with kefir smoothies.
Later, Sean lit our Aladdin lamp in the living room, kids layered on pajamas and soaked in the wood stove warmth before piling into beds loaded with blankets, sleeping bags and quilts.
Wherever you are tonight, I hope it's warmer than twelve below.


Anonymous said...

love it!

sue in NJ

Nicole said...

Just wanted to let you know as I sit here with my 3 kiddos cuddled on the couch with popcorn, ending our day together your heart for your family was a blessing. ps it is a balmy 20 here tonight : )

Momma Bug said...

I love Aladdin lamps! :-D

Googs said...

We have had a lot of that type of cold this year in Idaho. Right now it is manageable, some what. We were happy when the highs reached the mid twenties.

I do, however, find some sort of happiness in the thought of bundling up and drinking hot cocoa. Keep warm!

Bonnie said...

Its about that cold here too, though yesterday was a balmy 10 degrees.
We raised turkeys for 4-H when I was growing up, and no they were never cantankerous, but definitely not very bright.
I'm hoping to get a couple to raise for our freezer, now to sweet talk my husband into it. If I make him chocolate chip cookies before I bring it up, I wonder if that would be considered bribery....

amy said...

hannah i always feel great peace reading about your family. is it awful to say it is 70 here today, and 40 overnight?

Karen said...

It was -10 here in NE PA. We raised turkeys also and they can be so friendly. So glad you are still
enjoying the kefir grains! Stay warm and well.