Wednesday, January 19

The Quotable Chesterton

I had honestly never read anything by Chesterton and just vaguely knew who he was when I was sent a new book, The Quotable Chesterton: The Whit and Wisdom of G.K. Chesterton containing some of his more famous quotes to review.
The quotes are nicely organized by topic and I suppose any fan of Chesterton would love to have this quick reference.
Reading his thoughts on life, God, religion, famous people of his day and all other manner of daily life has encouraged me to pick up more of his writings as the man clearly had some God gifted wisdom and wit.

I was sent this book by Thomas Nelson Publishers to review. It's freeness did not influence the above review.

3 comments: said...

Yes, Chesterton is one of my favorite writers!

Jen said...

I love Chesterton! Glad you are enjoying the book. I bet a "quotable" type book might be an easier read than some of his other stuff. The wonderful, but older, language would make it a harder read for me with my toddler around. Worth the effort though!

~ Shannon said...

I love what I've read of Chesterton -- granted, that's limited to his intriguingly entertaining "Father Brown" mysteries! But his style is just lovely, and even his mysteries require you to think about more than just 'whodunit.'

You've inspired me to pick up more of his writing!