Tuesday, January 11


A pot of speckled cranberry beans simmering on the wood stove, I push another log in, an attempt to coax up the digits indoors. Meanwhile our oldest are busy chatting and bundling in layers, piling on hats and scarves and thick gloves to head outdoors to play. Babies and toddlers down for their nap, the door closes with a thud as the three push out into the snow. Then...silence. The house sighs and quiets.
It is just me and the quiet here now. Quiet has it's own voice and now it begins a throaty, solemn melody, humming along with the blower fan for the wood stove and harmonizing with the whistle of the tea kettle. A cup of energizing black tea should be just the thing.

I slip my pink granny slippers on and shuffle towards the stove.

Phone rings and I listen to Sean tell me how many hours till he's home.

Home. It is more home than ever when he returns.

I soak in the quiet, knowing it is brief and like a breath will soon have passed through.

A rustling from the cradle upstairs, a small little grunt, a last quick slurp of my tea before setting the cup in the sink.

Quiet waves goodbye and floats away with the chimney smoke.

I am glad to see her off.


Michele said...

Lovely and well written.

Anonymous said...

Oh I how love that comment, "it is more home than ever" when he comes home. My husband has just returned from being deployed for 7 months. After almost 15 years of marriage, I have never been more aware of how true it is to say and to feel that very sentiment. Thank you for putting into words what my heart has been feeling.


Momma Bug said...


Anonymous said...

What beautiful thoughts. I love your poetry!

Amanda said...

Beautifully written and {{relateable}}
is that a word?

Michelle H said...

*sigh* Beautiful.

Adriane said...

Incredible post, Hannah. Thanks for sharing.

Fueled by Love said...

Beautifully written Hannah, you have such a gift!

Jen said...

Beautiful! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

: )
Quiet is a rare visitor around here, but that's okay. Thanks for the lovely words.

Dawn said...

I just love this post and your blog! It is just what the Lord knew I needed today. Thank you! Please feel free to stop by and visit my blog whenever you can...but not during those "quiet moments." Like you they are few and in between enjoy them with a cup of tea all to yourself :) Blessings dear friend.
(soon there will be new posts up and running there :)!)

Carlton Family Farms said...

I have been following your blog for a long time now an haven't ever posted, but I loved this post! I too have had the same feelings. I long for the quiet sometimes, but the quiet feels and sounds very strange. It doesn't take me but a few moments and I have had my fill, I would rather have a home full of kids and hubby making noise any day!
God Bless ya,

Tasha said...

As always very well written. LOVE this post and was so caught up in the "quiet" while reading. I also feel the same way about my husband when he is home. What a lovely way to put it.
Stay warm and enjoy those babies!
Hugs from Texas,

Karen G. said...


I hope you are saving your blog posts and will publish them in a book for your children to remember these days by. Your pictures are worth a thousand words and your words put life into your posts poetically. I, too, loved the "it is more home than ever when he comes home". That is true here as well. :0)

Becky said...

I always love reading your blog. You have such a way with words. I rarely have the house to myself. On those very rare occassions, I don't know what to do with my time. I do relish such moments when I get them. But as you said it so well, I'm glad it is a "rare" visitor in this home.

Unknown said...