Thursday, January 27

Precious to God

I hold her fat warm cheeks against mine as she coos and I wiggle my nose in her neck, bringing about an erruption from deep in her belly of pure delight. I could live in this sound.

How precious are these little ones to God.

My hands deep in suds, gliding along the beautiful grain in the wood of the rolling pin from my grandmother, I hear sadness coming from the two year old's bed. "Sing with me?" I call up to him as I gently begin the first refrain of his favorite,"Jesus Love Me". Hearing him on the steps behind me, singing along, I dry my hands, meet him halfway and settle down on a step with his pajama-ed self on my lap. I take requests and we sing some more "Jesus Loves Me", "He's Got the Whole World", and "Amazing Grace" together, his head against my heart.

How precious are these little ones to God.

Tucked in, my hands back in the suds, I hear sweet squeaky song from his bed, "An Gaaaa, who calls me 'ere bewo, will be for-eeee mine". Heart melt.

How precious are these little ones to God.

She looks up at me, her little jaw slightly quivering. One big sibling has been asking about marriage and leaving home (he's six) and wondering how God will tell him who to marry. She is four with whispy pigtails sprouting from the sides of her head and bravely looks at me, tentatively asking and telling at the same time, "I'm gonna stay with you and Papa forever, okay?"

How precious are these little ones to God.

God help me to love them the best I can. Draw their little hearts to You. I am so undeserving of these beautiful six children. Your goodness to me in filling our home overwhelms my heart.


Alison P. said...

I loved this post. So beautiful and true. I got teary-eyed reading it. What blessings our sweet, little ones are.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing better than the sound of a baby laugh...

I could live in it too..

Sue in NJ

Laryssa Herbert said...

This is one of the most beautiful things you've written. May we all enjoy the REAL treasures of life...our children, a reward from the Lord.