Tuesday, January 11

Making Tallow

I used the fat from the cow Sean butchered to make tallow. At first it was a joke, but then I wanted to see how it was done and what it was like and I'm so glad I did. I used this tutorial and found the horrible smell I had read about was no worse than the smell of fat hitting the coals when cooking burgers on the grill. Once finished and strained, the meaty smell is gone. I chopped ours and put it in the freezer for later use. Hopefully soap making will follow soon.


Tanya said...

I'll confess I didn't even know what tallow was (-:

Bonnie said...

I always wondered if it had a meaty smell- can't wait to see how it works for soap!
Are you going to be making any broth since you have all those nice bony pieces?
I just found a recipe for frozen homemade "bouillon" cubes, I hope to try this week, after a trip to the market for some ingredients.
Have a lovely evening!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

That is so awesome!! I can't wait to see how your soap turns out.

Me said...

Tanya, tallow is the rendered oils from beef fat. You add all the thick fat globs in a pot, add salt and just cover with water. Then boil and let simmer until it looks oily. We set ours in the cold garage overnight and pry it out in the morning. All the sediment stays at the bottom of the pot.
I read that most commercial soaps contain tallow, they just label it with the chemical name.
Bonnie, yes, we'll be making broth and I'll have to look for a bullion recipe!

Bonnie said...

If you're interested, the recipe I have for bouillon cubes is from a book called Homemade by Readers Digest.
Basically, all you do is reduce a pot of stock (it doesn't say how much, I'm guessing 3 quarts, as that is how much their broth recipe makes) down to 2 cups, then pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. Each cube will make 1 cup of broth. Quite a bit of cooking time, but hopefully worth it. I'm sure it'll beat the chemical cubes hands down no matter what!

Anonymous said...

So I am curious.. How many pounds did you get out of that cow... ??? Of Tallow that is?

sue IN NJ

Me said...

Bonnie, thank you so much for the recipe!

Me said...

Twenty pounds so far, sue. I have no idea what I will do with it all!