Wednesday, January 12


Sweet fellow of mine flew off his sled and landed nose first into his sister's sled while sledding at great grandma and grandpa's Sunday afternoon. We're thankful nothing's broken and new skin will grow on his sweet swollen nose.


Natural Mama said...

I have just found your blog and have been really enjoying reading a bit about you and your family. We have a LOT in common. Even a few of your books in your sidebar have been on my recommended reading list from Amazon! Love your house. Sorry about your son's boo-boo--I know it was traumatizing. :(
Nice to meet you!
Natural Mama

Me said...

Nice to meet you too, Natural Mama. Aiden's boo-boo is healing up nicely with some salve that my husband made with our beeswax.

Anonymous said...

OUCH ! Poor guy !... Hope he feels better soon !

sue in NJ

nicole said...

My sweet little man (aka my 13yr old not always so sweet boy) landed hard while sledding Monday and we ended up with a trip to the ER. Luckily no broken bones, but he does have a very sore rear. Of course they were having tons of fun up til that moment. lol Glad to hear your little man is o.k. Tell him he's got a great war wound.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ouch!