Tuesday, December 14

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Asked what we put in our kiddos stockings so here are some simple ideas of the little sorts of things that thrill our kids:

new toothbrushes - about a dollar each or sometimes free with Walgreen coupons and rebate. My favorite ones light up and flash for the amount of time the kiddo is supposed to brush his or her teeth. The kids just think they look cool in the dark.

one big bag of mixed nuts to split it between them all - under $4

fruit - our kids love Clementine oranges - about $4 a box here

humongous bubblegum balls - Halloween clearance at Marshalls under $2 for a big container

mini LED flashlights (the ones I bought from amazon were under $4 each) The kids use them at night when they go out to tuck in the chickens, ducks and turkey (along with all the other fun uses for flashlights. :)

one bag of decaf organic coffee beans to split between the kids. Our kids love coffee! It is a rare and special treat when they get a sip of papa's so I thought they'd get a kick out of having their own - under $8 at Target

Homemade bags of hot chocolate mix

crocheted treasure sacks. These are simple small drawstring bags and I believe the pattern came from Ravelry. - free with scrap yarn and I'll probably tuck some coins in each

hats/mittens - knitted or sewn from fleece

pencils, markers, stickers, glitter glue - all can be purchased from the dollar store

carved wooden animals from papa


Amanda said...

I've been racking my mind to come up with stocking stuffers. Thanks for sharing what your family enjoys. It has given me some really good ideas.

Tasha said...

GREAT ideas! For as long as I can remember my mom always gave us an apple, orange and nuts in our stockings. I now do it with my boys.
Thanks for sharing. I just may have to use some. :)
Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas..

I love clementines.. But the kids will not touch them..

Sue in NJ

nicole said...

We stuff our stockings with a few of these things also. I long for the days when Christmas meant whatever you could fit in a stocking.

Jennifer said...

Those are all wonderful ideas! I have a question though: Does the food stay in their rooms, or is it kept in the kitchen after they receive it? If the latter, how do you know which things belong to which child?

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Thank you for answering. Great ideas. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us.

Me said...

Sue - not...eat...clementines??? GASP! Guess the good thing is you get them all to yourself! :)

Nicole, I long for those days as well!

Jennifer, with lots of kids, they pretty much devour any food treats immediately. :) Any leftover candy, (and I'm sure there will be extra gumballs) gets thrown in a jar in the cupboard and is handed out for good behaviour.