Saturday, December 18

One Week

The count down to Christmas day is repeatedly brought to my attention by our children, as they squirrel away to different corners of our home and garage, working on secret projects.
I'm working on addressing Christmas cards (better late than never, right?) and photo dvds for family member who live far away or don't see our children often. It is heart tenderizing to see how much each child has grown since January of this year. Most of the knitting projects are done. Aiden has requested a pair of slippers that I need to work on, done in orange wool, his favorite color.
Ella would like a back-pack and a string back-pack lined in cotton should whip up quickly. A month or so before Adalia was born, I sorted through my stash of fabrics, over half of which had been given to me, and weeded out ones to donate that I would never use. There is still plenty to work through and the wee back-pack will be a fun project.

Little Miss Addie hasn't put in any requests but Ella helped me pick out some pretty coral-y orange microfleece and bright cotton for a simple quilt. I look forward to warm spring days when I can lay her on it under the shade of a tree while I sit and watch the earth green up and the children play.

Today Sean is carving out some spoons and then two little wooden ducks for the little girls of the family that hatched out our ducks this past spring.

Every morning, the children bundle up for their outdoor chores, carrying food and water to the poultry, bringing them out compost scraps and finding eggs.

This morning Andrew came running in from chores, simply bursting to the seams with excitement for he had caught a rabbit in his trap! He has been trying for a few months now and his perseverance has paid off.

Tonight after the Christmas service at church, I think I will curl up with a movie and wrapping papers and ribbons by the woodstove and begin the wrapping. This is my least favorite part. :(

I hope you enjoy these simple photos of what we hope to be a new cultivating home Christmas tradition - making homemade candy canes! It only took us four batches to figure out how to do things properly and in the end, they were tasty and homely and beautiful to our eyes!
Happy Week before Christmas to you all!


Julian said...

wow! You are so talented! Love to see what y'all are making for Christmas. Gives me ideas for next year:)

Karen G. said...

Hannah -
It was so good to see you and your family at service last night. Love the pics of your family making candy canes. When I was little we used to pull taffy every Christmas. I wrapped all the gifts I have yesterday -- that is quite a feat for me as I usually wait until the last minute. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Bonnie said...

I LOVE the candy canes! I might have to swipe that idea for next year!
I'm right there with on the wrapping, not my idea of a fun evening.
Back to my gift making now (new aprons for my girls), just taking a quick nurse the baby/lunch break.
Merry 5 days before Christmas!

Me said...

Julian, not so talented. It DID take four batches of sugar before we got it right. :)

Karen, pulling taffy sounds like fun.
Bonnie, hope you got your wrapping done. Sean took the older kids out one night and I scrambled and have gotten most of it done. It won't win any awards for beauty, but its done!

nocton4 said...

wow those are fab x