Wednesday, December 1

Done with work in the early afternoon, Sean and I loaded up children and pulled out of the driveway in a downpour to head to an IMAX theater and science museum for a family afternoon/evening.

The children and I, after morning math lessons, had run errands (20 lbs of butter in the freezer now) and I was delighted to sit and work on a knitting project in the quiet comfort of the suburban. Quiet with six children only because we gifted them an early Christmas gift of a new Jonathan Park cd and they were fully captivated with the newest adventure.

While my needles clicked away, sliding stitches into a soft pinks and white beret, the downpour turned to sleet, then snow, then ice and Sean drove more slowly. On our fifty mile or so drive we passed four cars off the road, three of them overturned.

The IMAX was a first for our kids and they loved it, Chase asking that we hold both of his hands in ours while he snuggled into Sean and Addie snoozled and nursed snuggled on me and the rest of the children sat, heads back, taking in the fullness of the enormous screen. We do not celebrate santa but Christ, but the storyline is an enjoyable fairytale. I must admit the huge screen and non stop motion made me motion sick and I was glad to close my eyes for bits at a time. How I ever used to love rollercoasters and dream of sky-diving is a mystery to me now. I think I'm just getting old. So I sat and watched our children's faces as they watched and thought of them someday being wrinkly old people and loving the thought that even when I am gone someday, they will remember our family times and build on them for generations to come.

After a special dinner out at Chipotles, we did a little shopping, peering on shelves for the fruitcake Sean would like, buying Ella and myself each a pair of cute and sensible black shoes for winter and a few stocking stuffers hidden from small eyes as I paid, then relishing the dusting of snow on the ground before heading home sweet home.

We were just a few miles from home when the deer hit us.
Thankful to God tonight that we are all well, that we are safe and whole, that we have insurance to cover the damage, that we drive a large vehicle and that in all our years of living in a populated deer area, this is the first accident we've had with one.

Kiddos are snuggled in bed, Sean is out getting an accident report, and I am going to settle down with my knitting once again.


Me said...

Goodness, that's scary about the deer. How nice, as well, that your husband drives more slowly during Inclement weather.

I'm glad that no one was hurt. Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are okay. We live in deer country too, and I too, am often amazed that we haven't hit one yet.

Jennifer said...

So glad that you and your family are safe! Inspired that you chose to tell the story of this day in a way that focuses on the blessings. Your blog is beautiful. Thank you.

amy said...

praising god you are all okay. what a wonderful day you had! blessings hannah!

Fueled by Love said...

Sorry you hit the deer! Glad to hear you made it home safe...there were many cars off the road on our way back from Syracuse today as well!

Bonnie said...

Sounds wonderful, right up to the accident part.
Hopefully not to much damage was done, so glad everyone was okay, and having grown up in a very large family (10 kids) that relied on the occasional road-kill freezer full of venison, I have to ask: didja keep it?
(If you are completely horrified that I asked such a thing, I apologize)

I've only commented once or twice before, but I read (and re-read) your blog all the time. I so appreciate your wisdom in raising little boys. My older one is much like your Aidan, and Godly/Biblical advice, from someone who actually *knows* how frustrating they can be is hard to come by.
Have a cozy day!

Me said...

Thank you, Zebu. :)

Angela, I'm glad one hasn't hit you too.

Thank you, Jennifer. :) And Amy.

Hi Bonnie, after running into the drivers side door of a suburban going 50 or so, the deer got up and ran off. Hardy thing. Or else it would be in my freezer. ;)
Aren't the Aidens got puts in our lives wonderful? I thank God for so many reasons for our Aiden's life. He keeps me on my toes, on my knees and humble and he is a really great and brilliant child.

Karen G. said...

Hannah, glad you had a nice family outing - except for the deer accident part. We always did activities with the kids as a family with Adventures in Odyssey playing on the CD player and it kept them quiet during the drive. I am sure that your kids will remember all the wonderful things you do with them - including the accident with the deer! :-) Be blessed! Glad you are all safe and warm...

Tanya said...

I so want to move back to upstate NY!!! I miss the snow and all the beautiful farm bring me back to my childhood..when I was very little...thank you!

(I live near farmland in N.C. now and while it's beautiful-we only get one or two snowfalls a year)

Joy said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening all except the deer. So thankful you all are ok...So thankful for God's unseen hand, I have witnessed that precious hand many times in my life. We serve a wonderful amazing God, so thankful for his protection.

Nancy said...

Glad everyone is safe and sound. I like your statement about celebrating Christ not sick of the commercialism that begins now before Thanksgiving!!!

sarah said...

Oh deer! Heh, sorry, had to say it since nobody else had yet. Sounds like a great evening overall - every few years my parents used to treat us to an IMAX movie in the city as well - outings I still treasure the memory of.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you all are okay.. auto accidents are scary.. We had a bad one last year..

I had to laugh when you said you got a bit stomach up set at the show.. I have the same problem.. But I get air sick on the playground swings anymore.. getting older stinks !
sue in NJ

Martha said...

I am glad no one was injured in your acident. Sounds like a wonderful night otherwise!

Just found your blog a little while back; and am enjoying my visits. Thanks.

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh my I am sorry to hear about the accident. Sounds like a wonderful evening otherwise. Would love to see your new black shoes.

Just curious, what type things you put in your kiddos stockings? We have 6 children total and even buying really inexpensive things add up quickly. I would love some ideas.