Sunday, November 7

Moby Wrap Review

A few months ago, Moby Wrap sent me one a turquoise Moby Wrap with UV protection to check out and review. I was so excited to give it a try once Addie arrived because I have always heard great things about their wraps and wanted to see for myself if the goodness was true.

First off, the selection of wraps that Moby carries is awesome. I love some of the Batik designs like the blue one above. They even carry organic wraps, and UV wraps like the one they sent me. There is bound to be a color or pattern to coordinate with your favorite outfits. I wear a lot of browns, so turquoise was my choice of color.
So let me tell you what I love about the Moby Wrap: I can wear it for hours and am not left with a crick in my neck or a sore shoulder. I can do all the mama things I need to do, with Addie safe and snug and I don't have to worry about her falling out of the wrap if I need to bend over and tie shoes.

I can adjust her position and nurse her in public with no one the wiser. Love this.

Even Chase fits comfortably in the wrap (and thinks it is incredibly awesome to get carried around). And the same thing with carrying him, there was no neck, back or shoulder woes.
Moby has pictorial and video tutorials on how to wear the wrap and different positions to carry your child.
The only (slight, very slight) downfall to the Moby Wrap is that because of the length of the fabric, it is better put on indoors as the ends hit the floor. This hasn't been a problem because if I am going out for any length of time, I just put the empty wrap on and slip Addie into it (so easy) once we arrive at our destination.
A Moby Wrap, in my humble opinion, would make a great gift for a new mama, or especially a mama with a few other children. Cultivating Home readers will get free shipping on Moby Wrap orders (through until 11.30.10 with the code CHomeMoby.
(Moby Wrap sent me their product to review but the content of the review is my own lovely opinion and has not been influenced by their gift of a wrap.)


Devina said...

I made a very similar wrap from a couple of yards of fabric and love mine. Awesome that you got one free to review! They are expensive!

Anna said...

I also love the Moby wrap. It was especially nice for my newborn, foster baby who was recovering from drugs. He loved swaddling!

Tanya said...

Ummm..not to be off topic but where did your baby belly go? It doesn't even look like you had a baby a few weeks ago!!!
Please tell me your secret!

Jamerrill @ Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling said...

Thank you for your review! I'm expecting #5 in 9 weeks and I've been looking into the Moby wrap. We invested in an Ergo when #4 was about 6 months and have loved it. It has an additional insert to add for a newborn. However, the Moby look so pretty :) and I'd love to have a selection.

Thought you'd get a laugh, I found your blog two months ago before I butchered chickens for the first time. I googled "the easy way to butcher a chicken," and your post came up. I followed step-by-step your system...and needless to say it took care of my rooster problem, LOL. It was a great blessing that your also a homeschooling/Christian/Large growing family as well. Thank you Lord for the internet (and Moby)!

Anonymous said...

looks great.. I am a bjorn person my self.. I love that cause my husband liked to wear it..
Sue in NJ

Me said...

Anna, I wish I had a Moby with our foster babies. I'm sure it'll get used for that purpose in the future.

Tanya,I usually end up 10lbs heavier than I was before giving birth. I think my thyroid goes into hyper-drive for a while following birthing. I also think breastfeeding is awesome. More chub off me and onto Addie is just the way I like it. :)

Jamerrill, I get so many hits on that chicken post every day and have "met" some of the nicest people through it! Who would have thought?

Joy said...

I used one of these with my most recent baby, and I loved it. It's the most comfortable carrier I've used yet. It's funny, as Sue in NJ mentioned, my husband also likes the bjorn. That kills my shoulders, but my husband loves it, and he's used it with our last three babies. :)

Bernese Von Thomas said...

Baby #5 is due Dec 6th, and I've been contemplating getting a Moby Wrap. Thanks for reviewing it!
How do you nurse in it is what I really want to know!