Tuesday, November 30

It is dusk at 4:25. Welcome lamps grace each window, beacons of warmth on this wet and so dreary outside late afternoon as I wait for three of our men to come home from their wanderings round the countryside. To the farm for filling up our milk containers and doubtless a chat with our Mennonite farmer friend and the granary for poultry feed before returning home to us.

I thawed a big roast earlier and put it in the oven, in a covered pot to braise, with a large can of chopped tomatoes, several sliced garlic cloves and a pound of chopped carrots. The smell of its goodness has been filling the house this afternoon.

Here I sit, nestled in pillows on the sofa, nursing Addie, waiting for my handsome men, giving out charades to Ella, Aiden, and Annaliese for my own amusement (Ella does a great animal of any sort), remembering my cup of undrunk raspberry zinger tea is still on the table from a visit with a neighbor an hour ago, these are the times I wish for a microwave but don't wish for one.

Construction paper candy canes are being cut at my feet, yellow and black, by the dozen while another child pours over a book and one bounces around with unending energy. Oh what I could accomplish with that energy! But now I am content with this warm wool rug underfoot, lugged from the attic every winter, with soft slippers on my feet and a newly sewn apron, with the new curtain rods hung at the windows and the freshly hemmed curtains waiting to be hung, with a hot dinner almost done, for happy children and a this small cuddler on my shoulder with her fat diapered end and soft head.

I am more well each day, drinking my iron, eating my beef, attempting to sleep more hours or minutes each night. Life here at home is beautiful and busy and home and family push blogging aside. Thank you for your well wishes, questions of concern and understanding at my not so often posting.




Mrs. Mike and kids said...

You have a way with words...love on your family. That is most important!

Tasha said...

Happy to hear you are doing well. Your day sounds delightful! Enjoy these times while they are young. Take care of YOU and blog when you can.
Hugs from Texas,

Roslyn said...


Your blog is always a blessed spot of peace for me--thank you so much! I am sure you have gotten lots of unsolicited advice about anemia, but I had to pass on the thing I have always turned to during pregnancy and childbirth. It's called Floradix, a liquid iron supplement. I call it liquid gold--it's a woman's best friend, literally. A little pricey but SO worth it! Blessings to you and your sweet little ones in your cozy home.

Roslyn in Alberta

Nicole said...

I wish I was there visiting, but I might not leave. Especially if Yiruma is playing in the background.

Diane said...

Miss you and hope all is well! We're getting older. I wish I had that kind of energy too!!! :O)

Anne said...

While I was checking twice a day for new posts, and missed your online presence, I am grateful that you take care of your family first, and figured as much. May the Lord continue to bless your family.

sarah said...

That made me feel warm and cozy just reading it.

Ali said...

Your words are full of contentment and remind me to enjoy the little joys God gives us each day.

Also, I love that you used the word "granary" in your post. That's the name of my parents bakery. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of this home of yours..while I am here at work.... waiting for that 5 to appear on the clock so I can go home and curl up with my own kids !
Sue in NJ

Karen G. said...

Glad to see your post and glad you are feeling a bit better. Praying for you.

Chelsea said...

I don't often comment on blog's, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy yours. The way you love and enjoy your children is an inspiration to me. I am quickly learning how much truth there is in what you say about taking the time to enjoy them. Our first is 10 1/2 months and it has all gone too quickly. I am looking forward to the time, Lord willing, when our house is full of children but not wanting to let go of that infancy stage either. I miss my quiet, sleeping boy now because he's too busy to cuddle with his mama.
Thank you for sharing snipits of your life - it encourages me to bring moments like that into our home.
P.S. Thanks for your post on homebirth - I read it to my hubby because that's what I want to do next time. The Dr's messed me up with our son and I never want to experience that again. Lord willing I will be able to have a homebirth and not end up with more c-sections.