Friday, November 12

The HugaMonkey Sling Review

Having always used a ring sling, I was interested to see just how well a non-adjustable sling would work. The folks at HugaMonkey were fantastic in helping me figure out what size sling to order (it's simple, I promise) and it patiently waited on my dresser as I impatiently waited for Addie to arrive.

This sling is fantastic for errand running and is my go-to choice for when I need a quick sling to toss on and set Addie in. It folds up very small and takes up hardly any room in my bag and holds her so snug and safe. After Chase and I took these pics, I bent over with Addie in the sling to help him get his boots on so we could go play in the garden, and Addie stayed nice and snug and still.
The HugaMonkey is easy to nurse with too, which I appreciate since I'm not fond of the breastfeeding covers that remind me of an apron. And a slight funny side note on the brand name, HugaMonkey, when Addie and I were in Walmart yesterday, two different people came up to me and commented on what a cute monkey I was carrying around. The name fits.
The slight *eh...* to this style sling is after a long period of time, I found I needed to switch shoulders as one would be achy. Not a huge downfall, but worth the mention.
HugaMonkey offer free shipping and free returns and has a fantastic price, three great perks to giving it a try or buying it for a new mama. If you have any questions, you can contact Carrie at HugaMonkey (and check out their websites videos, they are great) at
(hugaMonkey sent me a free sling to review, but the content of my review is my own opinion and has not been biased by their gift.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review. I'm definitely considering slings when our baby arrives.