Sunday, October 10

Still no babe in arms, which I am taking as a sign that this is a contented little fellow or miss, just enjoying their cozy time in the womb.

We have all been keeping busy. Yesterday, Sean and a friendly neighbor/ neighbor friend put a new roof on the oldest portion of our home that has a flat roof. I'll put specs and photos on the old house blog, but don't hold your breath for them. :) It did involve torches and fire so it was every grown boy's dream.

Besides the Christmas sewing and crafting, which I have been pretty good about photographing but not-so-good about posting, this afternoon we borrowed another neighbor friend's cider press and made about twelve gallons of apple cider in the beautiful fall sunshine. All of which I am canning and freezing tonight. After that I have a box of tomatoes the same farmer neighbor gifted me to cook down and freeze. There certainly isn't a shortage of activity to keep me occupied until the baby sends signal it's on its way.

Hoping to have happy news soon,




Unknown said...

Getting really excited for you and praying for a happy and healthy birth and baby!

Tanya said...

Thanks for keeping us updated..and thank you again for the sweet email you sent me..

Mrs. B said...

I think about you every day, Hannah! And I wonder, as I am Christmas crafting, how you find the time to actually complete so many projects in such short time! I have started several but only finished one...

Becky said...

I've been checking everyday to see if "today" is the day :)God knows this baby's birthday. Thankfully, you have plenty to occupy your time while you await your baby's arrival. You and baby are in my continued prayers.

Elaine said...

Bless you. I hope all goes well. Rest and enjoy your babe when it comes.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking your blog every day to see if that little one has shown up yet!!!!!

sue in nj

Anonymous said...

I popped in this morning hoping to see news. I always remember just hoping for even one or two days early with all my pregnancies...;)
I am glad you are letting this little one come when he pleases. God knows when it is time.
Praying for a safe, blessed birthing!

Sarah said...

Hi Hannah, just interested what the plan of action is for your home birth if you are overdue? I ask this because I had my first born in Cayman (my husband was on a secondment with work)and so my pregnancy followed the oby/gyn route that is typical (I am lead to believe)of the states. We then moved home (England) where all low risk pregnancies/deliveries are midwife led, not a doctor in sight and there I had two more precious babies. I have to be honest and say I MUCH preferred the whole experience with a midwife. Home birth is not thought of as 'insane', just an excellant alternative. SO I am interested how this is dealt with over there. Can your midwife still proceed with a home birth or do you have to go to hospital? Ugh.. I just realised that this might sound insensitive.. sorry if it does... just interested in the cultural differences. x

Anonymous said...

Even if I'm far...praying for you & your family. thanks giving me your strenght & a piece of your faith....Wish you all the best

Me said...

THanks, ladies.

Sarah, I've never gone more than a day or so overdue so this will be a new experience for me if baby holds out longer. I am scheduled to see my midwife on Thursday.
If I were seeing a MD, they usually don't let mothers go more than a week or two overdue before inducing. Unfortunately, induction raises the probability of c-section immensly.

Hoping this wee one just decides to arrive on his or her own withing a reasonable amount of time. By now, I feel almost certain I will be pregnant forever. :)

Lydia said...

Keep us updated! I admire your patience. (:

Will you be blogging about your home birth experience again? I hope so!